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Are you ready to start your very own website? Have you been wondering how to find a profitable blog niche? Well stick around fam!

In this post we will be learning how to choose a profitable blog niche. One of the biggest hurdles for me before starting my website was coming up with an interesting topic to blog about.

I would follow blogs and study there content to see if blogging was even something I wanted to do.

The urge to become a blogger was definitely there, but I simply had no idea of what I would be talking about.

If you want to start a blog and you’re wondering what you should be talking about I totally get you.

By the end of this post you will have a strategy in place that will help your to easily recognize your topic, and get you to blogging! Starting a blog is actually pretty easy these days.

There are different platforms out there you can choose to create your very own stunning website.

I would recommend starting a self hosted WordPress website. You will have all the options you need to start your blog, grow your blog, and even make money with your blog if decide to go that route.

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I’m sure you have tons of ideas and you are ready to get this thing goin’

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What is a Blog Niche

profitable blog niche

A niche is basically a topic you decide to write about. You can write in general or get really specific and focus on certain aspects of your topic.

With that said there can be a debate? Should I niche down or can I not focus on a niche and write what I feel?

Since this post is about choosing a profitable blog niche I will suggest that you decide on a particular niche.

You can be as specific as you want or write on a variety of ideas within your niche. Basically you want to have a topic so that you can attract readers to your blog.

Why Have a Blog Niche

I will come out and say my first website was a complete flop. I had no direction and would write articles that ranged from popular music, to foods I loved.

A couple of things I learned from that first experience was that-

#1 I never built up any type of following.

#2 I didn’t make any money.

I was writing about things I was feeling at the time (basically for me) and not writing for an audience.

A Blog Niche Will Help You Gain Influence and Attract An Audience

When I chose a niche and began researching and writing- I noticed a huge difference with my blog.

I started building an audience! My blog visitors started growing and I started building an email list of fans subscribing to my offers.

My content was focused on one topic and I developed a catalogue of content that helped me to become more of a trustworthy writer.

Being consistent with my niche content people began to reach out to me with questions, or even for advice.

Having a blog niche that you consistently write on can help you become more trustworthy on your topic.

Make sure to differentiate yourself from all the other blogs out there in your niche. You want to create content that people find useful and meaningful.

You Will Always Have Ideas to Write About

Not having a niche you could end up all over the place. While you may come up with some good articles now and then you may struggle at times to be consistent because you looking for ideas.

When you have a niche your blogging about it’s easy to come up with new ideas surrounding your topic.

You can write a series, or post’s on how to get something done. You can create content forever because your always able to come up with a new way of presenting your niche.

I blog about blogging, which is teaching others how they can start there very own blog. With my niche I can choose to do a series on introductory topics for new bloggers.

I can also write a series for different types of bloggers. There is so much you can do within your niche it’s just a matter of sitting down and brainstorming some great ideas.

Improve Your Writing and Earn Money With Your Content

Having a blog niche you will be able to make money within your niche. Think about this-now a days we go to the internet when we are looking for something.

A new gadget, a laptop, or even your 6th or 7th iPhone. The point is we find a website and read reviews, and look at comments from people who have purchased this product.

We base part of our buying decision on the comments from others.

If you had a website you could find a profitable blog niche to create content around and make money.

One common way that bloggers make money is with affiliate marketing.

Find your favorite product write a full review article on your blog and send traffic to that post.

Your interested readers will be more likely to purchase because of your recommendations.

How Do I Choose A Profitable Blog Niche

Understand this-the secret to building your audience, or making money with your blog is having well written high quality content, and sending tons of traffic that content.

With this understanding the question of what should I blog about should be easy to answer. Should I blog about something I’m passionate about?

Do I need to be an expert in the field I’m blogging about? Should I just write about what seems popular? All great questions and let me start with this.

I believe you can make money in most niche’s, however when it comes to writing I think you should choose a niche that you have some interest in (you don’t have to be totally passionate)-

and I think you should have some level of experience in that niche.

When it comes to your business you want to have longevity. You want to avoid blogger burnout. Having a topic your somewhat interested in can help you in the long run.

Writing on a topic that you have expertise in allows you to address the issues that your audience struggles with. Think of me with my first blog-no audience, and no money.

I failed! Switching things around and finding my topic allowed me to get focused and deliver content that my readers found value in.

What Blog Niches Are Most Profitable

To come up with your niche think about this-when we go to Google usually its to discover something or we have questions about something.

What do people search on Google? How to loose weight? Best ways to make and save more money? Tips to buy a home? Good tips to establish credit when you have no credit? Great hotel rates for the weekend?

The list can go on and on. The point is using whats popular to come up with a few ideas so you can discover your niche.

You can write out a list of things you have an interest in to help generate ideas.

Don’t forget your own life experiences too. I have a background in finance.

If I was starting out and looking for a niche, because I’m familiar with the topic of finance this could prove to be a good niche for me.

I could share my experiences, my advice, and life learned lessons.

What Niche Is Best For Blogging

There is no definite formula for this but here are a few questions you can ask yourself about any potential ideas you come up with.

  • Do you have a personal interest in this niche
  • Do you have a background or experience
  • Is this niche something that people pay money to learn
  • Is this niche trending or no
  • How saturated is this niche
  • Is this niche seasonal or evergreen

How Do I Monetize My Blog

When it comes to making money with your blog there are a number of options you will have. Affiliate marketing, digital products, sponsors, ebooks, etc.

I would suggest brainstorming on how you can set your blog up and monetize your actual topic. If we use my finance background as an example.

I’m planning to monetize my blog, so what I could do is create digital products-planners and worksheets. I could write an ebook on investing, or budgeting.

The goal here is before you’ve started your blog- have a topic and a plan to promote your content and even make money with your blog.

Short List of Potential Niches

  • Investing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Life style
  • Photography
  • Fashion
  • Fitness
  • Parenting
  • Personal Finance
  • Writing
  • DIY
  • Personal Development
  • Travel
  • Minimalism
  • Side Hustles/ extra income

In Conclusion

Discovering your topic shouldn’t be a long drawn out process. Find something you like to talk about and test it- to see if its popular on the web.

Once you’ve discovered it’s popularity then determine how you can monetize your topic and you are ready to go!

When your starting out I recommend launching your blog with 5-10 articles ready to go live. I have seen bloggers say launch your blog with 1 post and some say launch with 25 posts.

There is no written set of rules that say how many posts you need. This boils down to preference.

It’s good to have some content because you don’t want your blog to appear thin to potential visitors.

I believe first impressions last, and even if you don’t have a huge amount of visitors to your website, you can have 5-10 power packed posts that compel your readers to want to bookmark your site and come back for more.

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Now over to you

I’m curious? How many blog posts did you launch your site with? What are some ideas you could share to help the community with how to find a profitable blog niche?

Leave comments below we love hearing from our readers!

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  1. This is some great info for people wanting to start a blog and not knowing what to actually blog about. You make a great point about writing for your audience, not yourself. By staying on topic, people can know what to expect and turn to you when they’re looking for that information. Great post!

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