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Are you new to blogging and wondering how to get started with affiliate marketing for beginners? If your looking for an affiliate program to join, I got you!

In this post I share some great affiliate networks to get started with. I’d like to share my opinion on the subject of affiliate marketing and when is the best time to get started.

You can search the web to find answers as to when is the best time to start affiliate marketing and surprisingly find lots of different ideas.

When I started my first website a few years back, one of the most appealing things was the ability to make money on the internet.

I was very interested in the whole subject of affiliate marketing and made sure to jump in right away.

The opportunity to make money from a website-why not go for it right?

Some, recommendations you find will tell you to not worry about affiliate marketing with your new website and focus on other things.

Such as driving traffic to your site. I have read blogs that say know one will visit your site in the beginning so wait a few months before you add affiliate products.

While that may be true I decided once my website was live I would have affiliate products linked and yes I know I wouldn’t have much traffic, but just in-case someone visited my site they could potentially buy from me.

Since then I have learned a great deal about online marketing and the subject of affiliate marketing.

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If I were to do it all over again I would change some things, but I would still add affiliate products to my site from day one!

My reader-why am I sharing this with you? Your website/blog journey is yours to pursue.

When it comes to making money I would never tell someone not to do something that could potentially generate income.

I will be straight up with you and tell you that trying to monetize your website/blog without traffic will lead you to no dollars!

I learned that just because you throw a few affiliate links on your website doesn’t mean people will find your site and automatically buy from you.

First of all who are you? (this is what I learned from a powerful affiliate course) There’s countless numbers of websites online, what makes your website the one that people will purchase from.

To see real success you need to have a plan. Part of your plan needs to be establishing your presence online and credibility with your audience first and this will help in the buying process.

If you want to learn how to make money with your website and are interested in learning more about affiliate marketing take a look at these great articles.

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Now lets talk affiliate networks!

How to Get Started With Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

There are some networks that require an established website or even a specific amount of visitors coming to your site.

To avoid running into road blocks I have prepared a list of affiliate networks and programs you can get started with. Even with a new website.

I will be sharing affiliates that I currently represent and or have used in the past.

As a result of my experiences I get to share some of the best networks for new bloggers to make money.

I learned that it’s important to find the right programs for your blog. Not every merchant and affiliate is going to be a match for each other.

Getting with a network that has many merchants will give you a better chance at finding products to promote that go with your value.

Affiliate Programs for Beginners

You can participate in the Amazon Services LLC Program. Amazon is an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com

ULTIMATE BUNDLES If you’ve never heard of bundles before each bundle is like your own personal reference library with dozens of resources in a variety of forms (eBooks, courses, workbooks, videos, and membership sites) from authors and bloggers who are credible authorities in their fields.

Partner with MailerLite. This is a must have service for your blog/website. You will be able to create campaigns and build your email subscribers list.

Become an affiliate today and receive $20 coupon towards your 1st month of service.

Get started with Tailwind. This service is an incredible time management tool.

If you want to increase your effectiveness by automating your social media efforts, you should get started with Tailwind.

As an affiliate your able to send your referral link to others and offer $15 sign up bonus.

SITEGROUND is a Domain Registration and web hosting company as well.

This blog is hosted on SiteGround and I am 100% pleased with their services.

The great thing about SiteGround is you can use their website hosting services to run your website. You can also become an affiliate and make money.

HostGator is an alternative web hosting company. I have used their services and had good experiences with them.

I am also an affiliate with HostGator. BTW it’s not a requirement to own their product to be an affiliate.

I do believe if you have used a product or service before you can offer it to other’s in good conscious.

Become a partner with BLUCHIC which offers beautiful premium themes for your blog.

You can purchase a great theme or landing page for your website and signup to become an affiliate.

Get started with the Google Adsense program or the InfoLinks add program to run their adds on your website.

This type of monetization requires a substantial amount of website traffic to see any significant income.

If you choose to use ad-networks and build great traffic to your site you will enjoy a great passive income. Follow this link for more information.

Affiliate Networks for Beginners 

SHAREASALE Affiliate Program is a great example of a network that has a large merchant/product base.

After becoming an affiliate with SHAREASALE you will be able to apply with companies such as. MLBshop.com, Ryder’s Eyewear, Prosource Fit, Fanatics, Mixbook, WP Engine, NBAStore.com, STUDIOPRESS themes. There are thousands of merchants to choose from.

More Affiliate Networks


Ebay Partner Network

CJ Affiliates



You can even find other bloggers who offer affiliate programs. If you have taken a course or read a great ebook from a particular blogger check with them to see if they offer a program.

The list below are bloggers who have courses and products I have purchased.

I believe in education, and mastering your craft. As a blogger I have found many resources to learn from. The three listed below have made a tremendous impact on my business.

So much so, I decided to become an affiliate of their programs!

Get Paid To Pin ebook from Bloggingherway.com

Pinteresting Strategies from Blogginglikeyoumeanit.com

Boost Blog Traffic ebook from Thesheapproach.com

Now its your turn

Would you suggest a new blogger get started with affiliate marketing? What affiliate program would you recommend? Leave comments below

If you have not started your website yet, enroll in our FREE go at your own pace course. We will walk you step by step in the process and help you build your very own stunning website.

Questions about how to get started with affiliate marketing for beginners? Reach out to us at getblogtips@gmail.com

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  1. I agree that there are so many great opportunities for affiliate marketing out there! Balancing traffic with monetization is definitely a topic everyone has an opinion about and I’ve heard opinions both ways. Personally, I think the sooner you start your monetization strategy, the better. Thanks so much for sharing these great affiliate options!

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I’ve been looking for different affiliates I can join and there’s so many to choose from! This is indeed helpful!

  3. This is a great list to start with! I do earn money through affiliates. The more you work with them the more opportunities come your way.

  4. Great post! For me, my current favorite is Shareasale, due to its range of options like you said. Also, the conversation statistics they tell are simply amazing! Not to mention the all-important EPC too!

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