Is The Walmart Affiliate Program Worth It? (Complete Review)

Walmart Affiliate Program Review

In this Walmart Affiliate program review you will learn all about the Walmart Affiliate program, and how to become a Walmart affiliate.

If you are an online marketer, or blogger the Walmart Affiliate program could be a great alternative to the Amazon Associates Affiliate program.

Looking for ways to create additional revenue for your online business?

The Walmart Affiliate program may just be what your looking for.

As a bonus you will find a link here– to understanding Affiliate Marketing for beginners, just incase you are interested in learning how Affiliate Marketing works.

Welcome to Walmart Affiliate marketing for beginners, Let’s get it!

What Is The Walmart Affiliate Program

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The Walmart Affiliate program allows online marketers the opportunity to earn a commission on products purchased through Walmart online, as a result of of using a referral link. (affiliate link)

How Does The Walmart Affiliate Program Work?

The Walmart.com Affiliate Program helps turn visits to your website into commissions.

After you receive an approval to the Walmart Affiliate program you will have access to your affiliate dashboard.

Here you will be able to find your unique Walmart affiliate link.

You will be provided with professionally designed banners and a set of useful text links every week in the Walmart newsletter.

In addition, you can generate specific text links to anything on Walmart.com, any time you want.

You can add the Walmart Affiliate banners and/or text links on your Web site to let your visitors know about different products

Does it Cost Anything to Become A Walmart.com Affiliate

No. It is absolutely free to join the Walmart.com Affiliate Program. Once you are approved, you can get started right away!

What Can You Promote As A Walmart Affiliate?

The Walmart Affiliate program will give you access to tons of available products across many niches.

It would be safe to say that pretty much whatever your niche is you will find great products that you can offer to your online community.

Here is a shortlist of some of the more popular product categories:

  • Fitness Equipment
  • Baby & Toddler Items
  • Music, Movies & Books
  • Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry
  • and much more.

Walmart Affiliate Program Commission Rates

When it comes to commission rates for big online retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

They typically have very low rates.

The Walmart affiliate percentage can be a bit low but don’t be disheartened by this.

You can still earn Walmart affiliate commissions by sending tons of traffic to your Walmart Affiliate links from your website or blog.

How Much Does Walmart Affiliate Program Pay

Affiliates can earn up to 4% on each eligible sale.

This is when a customer links directly from a Walmart.com link on your website and completes a qualifying purchase at Walmart.com.

If you are looking at the Walmart Affiliate commission rates and wondering can I make money with the Walmart Affiliate program?

Is it worth it to even join?

I would say Yes! Get signed up.

This can be a worthwhile way to add an additional stream of income to your business.

You’ll definitely need a game plan to drive a ton of traffic to your Walmart Affiliate links.

Walmart Affiliate Payout

Commissions are paid on monthly net sales, and do not include returns, sales tax or shipping and handling

Affiliate Programs for Bloggers

When comparing affiliate marketing programs you may find brands with affiliate programs, or bloggers who have a few signature affiliate products they offer.

There are a large number of affiliate programs to choose from such as:

While doing your research you can find high ticket affiliate marketing programs by niche.

To name a few niches such as software affiliate programs, event planning affiliate programs, health and fitness affiliate programs, and even luxury travel affiliate programs.

Your favorite blogger may offer the best affiliate programs for bloggers that you can sign up for and receive a larger commission percentage.

Of course you may not get the access to a wide and diverse product line, but it can still be a major win.

I am an affiliate for one of my favorite bloggers from Bloggingherway.com

Dale has great a ebook for bloggers looking to make money using the social media platform Pinterest.

She also has a great ebook that helps bloggers have success with the Amazon Affiliate program.

After I was able to have success with her ebooks I applied to her affiliate program.

I wrote a review post on her ebook Get Paid to Pin.

You can read the article here.

In the article I added my affiliate links and I now receive commissions for anyone who makes a purchase of her ebooks.

The program sends a report that shows weekly activity like sales and commission.

You can literally make money in your sleep.

Ready to become a become a Walmart Affiliate?

How do I Join The Walmart Affiliate Program

Walmart Affiliate Sign up

To apply for Walmart Affiliate program.

Head over to the Walmart Affiliate home page to get your application started.

walmart affiliate program review

During the sign up process you will need to complete your basic information such as name, address, and location.

walmart affiliate program review

There is also a space to enter your website URL and basic traffic data.

walmart affiliate program review

Walmart will need to know how you plan to promote your links and some information about your website and online activity.

walmart affiliate program review

If you are reading this article and do not have a website yet.

You can download my completely FREE guide on How to Start A Blog.

this is an image with a link to a PDF how to start a blog

This guide will take you step by step at your own pace and in know time help you to create your very own stunning website.

Once you have your website set up go ahead and get your Walmart Affiliate approval.

After being approved you will be able to go to the Walmart affiliate login to access your dashboard and get plugged into the tools needed to have success.

Tools To Help You Make Money With Walmart

The great thing about the Walmart Affiliate program is you have access to different tools that can increase your chances of making money.

Walmart Affiliate SDK

If you are writing reviews for one of your favorite Walmart products.

You will be able to embed the products right into your content with a “Buy Now” button.

This gives your online visitor a simpler buying process and potentially cuts down on abandoned shopping carts thus improving conversions.

Walmart Chrome Extension

The Walmart Chrome Extension is another great tool to use as it allows you to grab links to your affiliate products.

You simply go to the Walmart.com home page and do a product search.

When you see the search results you can click the tab saying “link to this page”

This will open up a single product page with different Walmart Affiliate widgets and your unique affiliate link.

Walmart WordPress Plugin

WordPress.org users can grab the Walmart WordPress plugin and use it to easily add their affiliate links.

With the use of keywords let the Walmart Affiliate plugin find your desired affiliate products and add them to your content in a snap!

Walmart Affiliate Rules

To insure that you’re using the Walmart affiliate link correctly and your account is in good standing.

You will want to become familiar with the Walmart Terms of Use.

Have a quick glance and begin to read over the information.

How to Promote The Walmart Affiliate Program

The biggest obstacle to having success with affiliate marketing is not getting eyeballs on your website.

You need lots of traffic to your website and having a great promotion strategy is crucial.

3 Ways to Promote The Walmart Affiliate Program

  • Product reviews
  • Email marketing (lead magnet)
  • Social media

1. Product Reviews On Your Blog

Writing reviews for your affiliate products can be a great way to introduce your offering.

Getting your articles found by Google will be your main objective.

Good keyword research and a well written post can potentially rank at the top of SERP’s.

If you are interested in learning more about (SEO) Search Engine Optimization check out this article here for beginners.

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2. Email Marketing

The money is definitely in the email.

As an online marketer one of your best marketing strategies will be to cultivate an email list.

Your email list is incredibly valuable to you. This list is filled with lukewarm contacts.

People who have signed up with something you offered to them.

Be careful to always offer value in your outgoing emails so that your website visitors become fans.

Just start mentioning your Walmart Affiliate products- where relevant in your emails and you will see an increase in your commissions.

If you have not started your email list you can go with MailerLite.

This is an email provider that allows you to sign up and collect your first 1,000 subscribers for free.

You can also create forms that can be placed on your website that will capture visitor emails.

One of the koolest MailerLite features is the ability to set up an automated email sequence.

If you are a coach you can write out a course and set up emails to go out to your list on a daily basis.

This feature is a huge timesaver and without it you wouldn’t be able manage a huge email list.

blog tools

3. Social Media

Even though many social platforms do not allow affiliate links.

You can still use social media just be a bit creative. You can safely promote your review posts on social media.

Make sure to include your Walmart affiliate links in your content so the website visitor can be redirected to Walmart.com

How Much Money Can You Make as a Walmart Affiliate

With Affiliate Marketing the sky is the limit! You can create content for your readers that is useful and meaningful.

Your audience finds your content and your affiliate links.

Looking at this nifty outdoor patio bar it sells for $159.99 X 4% commission = $6.40.

walmart patio wicker bar counter table

If you sold 4 of these a week that’s an extra $100 per month passive income.

Double your efforts and that’s $200. 10X your efforts for a $1,000 per month extra.

With the Walmart Affiliate program you can build up a solid online retail business that yields a great additional income stream.

One of the best ways to do affiliate marketing is by writing reviews of products.

Any product you’ve had experience with can be perfect.

Writing your review keep it natural and share all your feelings about the item.

Walmart Affiliate vs. Amazon Associates

walmart affiliate program review

A common question from bloggers is who has the better affiliate program? Walmart VS Amazon Affiliate program.

To this I answer go for both! There are no restrictions on joining different affiliate programs.

You can find products from both programs and offer them on your website.

You may find that by joining the Amazon and Walmart Affiliate program you have more diversity in your offerings.

Looking for a great Amazon Associates program review- checkout my in-depth article just below.

You will learn everything you need to know to get started.

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Is The Walmart Affiliate Program Worth The Effort

For most online marketers the Walmart Affiliate program will be worth the effort.

You can find great products that align with your brand and begin offering them to your online audience.

Affiliate Marketing definitely has a learning curve and like any worthwhile venture you should invest time in yourself to become good at Affiliate Marketing.

In Conclusion of Walmart Affiliate Program Review

I hope this Walmart Affiliate program review was helpful to you.

While deciding on what affiliate marketing program to join consider Walmart.

You will be able to find great products with a well known retailer that can help your audience.

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Walmart Affiliate Program Review

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