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Hey fam! What would say is the most important thing for new bloggers to focus on? Although I haven’t seen an official rule book that states this, let me suggest to you that it is your ability to plan blog content.

As far as blogging goes there is so much to manage especially just starting out.

When it comes to content I find that people either have tons of ideas and are ready to go, while a larger number struggle with finding ideas.

On social media you will see questions like should I launch my blog with 3 posts? Should I make a welcome page and tell my story? Whats the best WordPress theme to use?

I hear a variety of questions and believe that planning blog content is the most important to your long term success.

I have been the blogger looking at my iPad or starring at my computer with no idea of what i’m writing.

This is frustrating! You want to write, and your excited about the idea of being a blogger but you frozen on the page.

If you find yourself wondering what to write about don’t fret! In this post we jump in and go deep with some great strategies to plan blog content.

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Everyone else let’s get to it and learn how to plan blog content and grow your website.

Your Why Is Essential To Plan Blog Content

Starting a blog is just like starting any other business venture. You need to have a “purpose” or your “why”.

Your why should say what you want to accomplish with your blog. Your mission statement will help you to decide what to write about.

To be more specific when you create your content what are you looking to do? Sale a product? Educate your audience? Get feedback or engage your audience?

Are you just sharing ideas or opinions about an issue or current event? Questions like these can help you to plan your blog content.

Explore Topics to Discover Your Niche

The path of a new blogger has two trails. You are either writing about everything you can think of or your on a specific topic.

If you haven’t totally identified your topic of choice that’s ok. Blogging is about learning as you go.

While writing different topics you will discover that you have an interest in certain areas which can lead you to coming up with your actual niche.

To plan blog content you can use Pinterest and find whats trending. This will help you discover ideas and begin planning your content.

Using the Pinterest search bar just type in Pinterest trends and see what pops up.

plan blog content

Using Former Expertise to Plan Blog Content

Let’s assume you know your target audience and understand what they are most interested in.

This will be an easy path for you. All you need to do is write topics that address the specific needs of your target audience.

If you haven’t quite determined your target audience you will need to do some research and digging around on the internet.

I suggest social media. Facebook groups, Twitter forums are great places to find out what a particular audience is most interested in.

For example you can do a quiz, and just list out 3 choices of a topics to see what gets more interest.

Doing simple quizzes like this can certainly help you discover an audience.

Keep a spread sheet of your ideas so that you can begin to compile a large list of ideas that will help you plan blog content.

Plan Content Around a Theme

Here’s another great way to come up with ideas for your blog content.

List out every month and look at what you celebrate or recognize during that month.

An example could be in the month of July you have 2 birthday’s your family celebrates.

It’s also summer so you can come up with ideas to write about celebrating the season or ideas to make a person feel special on there 25th, 30th, or 50th birthday.

You have 12 months to get creative here, so there should be tons of ideas pouring out on to your canvas!

Google Analytics To Plan Blog Content

I obsess over numbers and frequently check in on my (GA) Google Analytics to study and understand whats going on with my website.

A great way to plan blog content for bloggers who have existing content up- is to check your GA to see what posts are getting the most engagements.

When you find those posts that readers seem to be engaging with here’s an opportunity to create “related content”.

Add a new guide, or a how to post this can be a great way of getting more content.

Jumping in your analytics will do two things. 1. Of course discover whats popular with your readers. 2. Discover posts that you can go in and revamp.

When you find posts that aren’t doing very well you can take time out and do more research.

Look for new keywords and even freshen up the article by adding more in depth writing.

plan blog content

In GA head over to behavior>site content>all pages. You can see your top performing posts and decide what additional content you can come up with.

Wrapping up

Planning blog content will become easier when you implement a workflow.

Start with an idea, use a spread sheet or a notepad to jot down all your ideas.

If your using a spread sheet you can setup tabs for notes, popularity, difficulty, and what ever parameters you wish to measure for your ideas.

A spreadsheet is definitely a great way to organize your thoughts and data.

How often do I look for ideas, or how much time should I spend on these projects are best handled by creating a schedule.

How Do I Create a Blog Schedule

This is one of those make or break situations. You have so many moving parts as a blogger.

There’s setup, research and writing articles, and promoting. Social media, comments, and emails.

You also need to maintain your blog. Backup’s, speed optimization, and I could continue with a super long list of to- do’s.

You want to break down all the blogging tasks and create a schedule that allows you to keep the main thing the main thing and keep your blog running smooth.

Look at the time you are willing to put towards blogging. If you work a traditional 9-5 job and have young kids you may find time on the weekends or even after your kids have gone to bed.

If you work a job and have no kids you could find time after work, or again use the weekends as an option.

My point here is to look at your time and find the best way to include blogging activities so you can have the success your looking to accomplish.

I wrote a complete blog post on my daily schedule you can check it out!

How to maintain a successful blog schedule

Using Call to Action (CTA)

So I would write posts and just end them. I didn’t know what a CTA was and probably missed out on a ton of potential conversions.

With a CTA you give your readers direction. You’ve written your post and now you want to direct your readers to an email sign up, a product landing page, or maybe you want comments on the post.

Whatever your goal is make sure the CTA is in alignment with your content and use one single CTA.

Using one makes it easier and does not confuse your reader with multiple actions on your page.

Now over to you

So much can be said on the topic of how to plan blog content.

I’m curious? What are some of your methods to come up with ideas for blog content? Leave comments below!

We love to hear from our readers.

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  1. Setting up a blog schedule is something I need to do right away, otherwise, it’s so hard to keep up with it all. Thanks for these helpful tips.

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