7 Blogging Tips To Help You Blog Successful


Are you ready to learn the best blogging tips for new bloggers? Eager to find a straight path to success?

Well then stick around because in this post we jump into some specific ideas you can implement in your strategy to help you become a blogging success.

I had my first introduction to blogging in 2013. I was super excited about the idea of becoming a writer, sharing my thoughts, and possibly even my expertise.

Let me tell you after writing my first post and realizing some of the work this would take I quickly fell off the map with blogging.

Fast forward to 2016 and the idea came around again to start a blog.

I was a little more focused this time around and I actually followed through and setup a couple of websites. I found some products to offer and decided I would get into eCommerce.

Although I setup my website and created an online shop I still hadn’t ventured towards the blogger side of things.

Not until late 2018 would I actually get my first blog up online and start all the tasks of becoming a blogger.

As I look back on those previous attempts I would say that my lack of understanding of what it takes to run a blog contributed to me not really getting it going.

I was completely unfamiliar and a novice when it came to design. With those qualifications why would I even consider blogging?

I have to say that blogging for me wasn’t about the money at first it was more about having an outlet.

It was about learning, growing, and appreciating different levels of success after accomplishing a particular goal.

Best Blogging Tips For New Bloggers

My reader whatever has brought you to this point that you want to start your own blog or you already have a blog and are looking at ways to grow your site,

it would be helpful to know some of the best blogging tips for new bloggers.

Creating your very own website is so much simpler now a days. You don’t have to be a master in coding or be a developer.

Don’t have a website or blog yet? No worries-you can enroll in our FREE go at your own pace course that will walk you step by step and help you create your very own stunning website!

In all fairness I can’t compare myself to a developer and take away the expertise they may have, but there are tools available today that help people like me break into the online world.

With the information we talk about in this post you will gain more confidence in taking the first steps towards your blog journey.

I hope to encourage you so that in times of despair or a lack of movement in your business you can quickly rebound a remember why you decided to build your blog and what you hope to accomplish.

best blogging tips for new bloggers

Your Blog Plan

A plan for your business is essential. A plan is like having a roadmap or using GPS.

I live in the United States and if i decided to take a cross country trip from sunny California (which is the west coast of the US), and set my sights on New York (east coast)

because I’ve never driven there I would need to look at the routes and plan which roadways I will be taking.

This is basic but the point is- if you’ve never been somewhere or done something plan it out.

What is your end goal?

What will you need to do to hit your goal?

What skills do you have that can help you?

What should you be focused on learning so that you will hit this goal.

For me I was stuck and didn’t know what I should be blogging about.

I learned that finding a topic (niche) I had some level of interest in would help me to be motivated to want to write.

Finding a topic that I had some expertise in would help me with longevity because I could write on my past experiences.

Putting those two elements together will help you figure out a topic to write about and begin creating your blog plan.

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Good Web Hosting

On the technical side of things you want to have a good hosting provider. What the heck is hosting?

I didn’t know much about different hosting plans or companies. I was given a recommendation and went with it.

It wasn’t bad but I as learned more about hosting I made a decision to move my website to a new company so I could get better value and ultimately have better performance for my website.

Hosting is basically a computer or server that will store all your images, videos, and text.

Each time someone types your website name into a browser the server will deliver your website to your visitor.

Easy peezzie!

The idea with your hosting is number 1 your budget but also you want to find a host that provides security and good speed.

A slow website is crap! I mean I will try to navigate your site but if it’s to slow and seems glitchy I’m out! Website speed maters.

A great option for bloggers would be SiteGround. I have websites hosted with SiteGround and have no complaints of there service.

You will get affordable pricing mixed with great customer service and a reliable fast hosting plan.

You can get your website hosting with SiteGround here

WordPress Self-Hosted Website

WordPress is one of the industries leading providers of websites. They provide websites for big name brands as well as beginner bloggers.

WordPress powers 35% of all the websites on the web today. They have a powerful tool that allows users to get online without much expertise.

Also to mention they have a very robust platform that developers can use their skills to build unbelievable website experiences.

Learning WordPress is not difficult but it will require some time. I promise you tho- if you dedicate the time and effort in your project you will create something that you will be proud of.

You get functionality, ecommerce, and whole lot more packed into a simple to use template based product.

SEO Best Blogging Tips For New Bloggers

What is SEO? Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of making your website and website content discoverable by Google.

In basic terms when you write an article you want people to discover your content. People go to Google and search for things they are interested in.

When someone finds a link on Google they click it and will be redirected to the website. The way that Google displays websites is based on SEO.

You definitely want your website to be discovered so learning SEO early is important.

Social Media to Promote Your Content

Great SEO will bring tons of visitors to your website. The thing about SEO is that it will be some time before you see the benefits of your efforts.

So while your working on your SEO strategy you can promote your content on social media.

For bloggers one of the biggest sources of traffic comes from Pinterest. I have seen great results using Pinterest with my blogs and totally recommend you get on board.

Blogging will bring a large list of to-do’s and when it comes to social media I suggest sticking with one or two platforms at a time and get really good at them, before spreading yourself all over the social web.

Facebook is also great for bloggers and I recommend jumping on the platform.

As you see success with Pinterest and you create a workflow for your content move on to others, just don’t overwhelm yourself you could end up not getting results.

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Build an Email List

This is an area I had a late start with. You want to build your email list ASAP!

Your email list will be golden to you because this a list of people interested in your content.

Building an audience is one thing but building an audience of people who become fans or supporters is the next level.

Your email list will allow you to communicate directly with your readers.

You can get feedback on future content, find out more about what people are interested in, and even offer products or solutions that can help your readers.

Start building your email list as soon as you launch your blog. I started with an email provider named Mailerlite.

Get started with Mailerlite here

They have a super easy to learn dashboard that allows you to create campaigns, landing pages, and automation.

You can use there service FREE up to your first 1,000 subscribers. There service is perfect for bloggers who want to build an email list.

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Engage With The Community

As bloggers we are alone together!

Even though you slap away at your keyboard in your home, from work, or maybe some other outdoor location, we are connected to a vast community.

If you are sharing your content on social media make sure to engage with others.

Facebook groups are great for this. Group members have questions and post them in an open forum.

When you have experience in a particular area share your knowledge.

You can establish yourself with fellow bloggers and those looking to become bloggers and deliver useful tips and information.

In conclusion

Blogging is one of those things where you won’t know everything upfront.

The more you do the more you learn. As a matter a fact the more things you attempt you will see different levels of difficulty.

This is good!

Yougrow as a blogger by hitting challenges and learning how to overcome them.

There will be some really frustrating moments but the relief you get once you overcome that temporary situation is so fulfilling.

When your building an email list, doing affiliate marketing, or just promoting your content you find ways to get better and eventually master your craft.

All you have to do is take the next step. You don’t have to worry about the entire process just keep taking the next step eventually you will end up there.

Now it’s your turn

I’m curious? What are some best blogging tips for new bloggers I may have missed?

What tips would you say helped you more in our blogging journey?

Make sure to let us know you stopped by and leave a comment below. We love hearing from our readers!

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