85 Year End Blog Post Ideas for Your Holiday Content Planning


Blog Post Ideas for Your Holiday Content Planning

Hey blog fam if you are looking for holiday blog ideas, ways to get creative during this holiday season, or you’re wondering what’s trending during the holidays?

I’m glad you stopped by!

I’ve listed some awesome blog post ideas for a great content plan to get you through the new year!

In this article I will share 85 holiday blog post ideas on topics to blog about that will work for any blogger and any niche.

Just go through the list to find a few article ideas and good blog topics so you’re ready to go!

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Having a year round content plan is important, but during the holiday season habits change for many readers.

This a time where blogs can experience a drop in traffic or healthy spike up all based on your holiday blog content ideas.

To get super great engagements on your content- seasonal posts are good to have on the ready.

During this time of the year it’s really easy to loose momentum in your blogging journey because your busy with hosting events, planning, and spending time with family.

So we don’t loose time during this season take a minute and look at these ideas so you can create a clear plan for your content!

Let’s get it!

85 Holiday Blog Post Ideas to Inspire Your Content Planning

The following list is grouped by idea type, you will find ideas ranging from blog post ideas for moms, to blog post lifestyle, and even blog post ideas for beginners.

Most of the blog content ideas can work for pretty much any niche.

First up we look at general popular blog topics.

These ideas can be for individuals or even work for blog post ideas for companies, and blog post ideas for businesses

Popular Blog Topics Lifestyle

lifestyle blog post ideas
  1. Holiday home decoration tips
  2. DIY holiday decorating
  3. DIY Christmas decorations
  4. Holiday travel tips
  5. How to host the perfect holiday party
  6. Keeping kids entertained during the holidays
  7. Entertaining guests during the holidays
  8. DIY holiday crafts for kids
  9. DIY holiday crafts for the whole family
  10. Packing tips for holiday travel
  11. Holiday home decor ideas
  12. Classic holiday home decor ideas
  13. Modern holiday home decor ideas
  14. Holiday family entertainment ideas
  15. Fun holiday brunch ideas
  16. Open home holiday ideas
  17. Local holiday hot spots to see
  18. Tips and ideas for a killer New Years Eve party
  19. Winter comfy pillow ideas
  20. Favorite Christmas tree decor tips
  21. How to decorate your home exterior when it’s cold outside tips
  22. Kids’ Rooms decor Tips
  23. Simple fun cozy comfy family room ideas
  24. Mobile apps for holiday phone decor
  25. Holiday scented candle Ideas
  26. Staying fit during the holidays

Beauty and Fashion Post Ideas

fashion blog post ideas

All your beauty and blog post ideas for fashion bloggers ideas for you readers.

  1. Office holiday party fits to wear
  2. Favorite holiday sweaters
  3. Holiday makeup tutorials
  4. Makeup and beauty gift ideas
  5. Holiday makeup and beauty trends
  6. Christmas fashion trends
  7. New Year’s Eve fashion ideas
  8. New Year’s Eve makeup tutorial
  9. Thanksgiving outfit ideas
  10. What to wear for the holiday party
  11. Holiday hair tutorials 
  12. Face and skincare during the holidays
  13. How to wear __ holiday trend (we like ugly sweaters)
  14. Holiday Beauty and makeup deals
  15. Best Tips For Pampering Your Feet In Winter
  16. Do It Yourself Makeup Tutorial For Holiday Parties
  17. Keep your dry lips hydrated during the holidays (Chapstick)
  18. DIY winter facials
  19. Snazzy holiday nail polish
  20. Winter Hair, hats, and happiness
  21. How to keep that skin glowing all winter
  22. Christmas Day Beauty Tips
  23. What I throw in my bag for winter

Frugal Shopping Blog Post Ideas

frugal blog post ideas

Holiday spending can take us over the budget at times.

Use these post ideas to help your audience navigate their finances through the holiday season.

  1. Awesome holiday gift ideas for her
  2. Holiday gift ideas for him
  3. Best holiday gift ideas for kids
  4. Thanksgiving decor ideas for beach home
  5. DIY holiday gifts
  6. What to get the holiday hostess
  7. Black Friday Deals for small apartment
  8. Holiday gift ideas under $100/$50/25
  9. Best Cyber Monday shopping deals for kitchen
  10. Last minute stocking stuffer gift ideas
  11. Super thrifty holiday shopping tips
  12. Christmas decorating tips on A simple budget

Planning/Blogging Ideas


Goals and visions for a brand are important, and during the holiday season here’s a chance to remind your audience of some ways to stay on track with these blog post ideas for writers.

  1. New Years goal setting ideas(Q1,Q2 etc.)
  2. Blog Planner Roundup
  3. Year in review post
  4. What you learned about plugins this year
  5. Q4 goals for your website
  6. Collaboration posts
  7. Q4 income reports
  8. SAHM and home schooling tips
  9. Come up with 100 holiday post ideas in 1 hour
  10. Things to change before the new year
  11. How to start a blog this holiday season
  12. Best performing holiday posts

Recipe and Traditions Blog Post Ideas

recipe blog ideas

This is my favorite part of the list.

The holiday season gives us a chance to taste some of the most incredible dishes.

These blog post ideas for November will inspire some awesome meal tips.

  1. Favorite holiday traditions
  2. My Favorite holiday drinks
  3. Holiday party Appetizers
  4. Favorite holiday pie recipe
  5. Unique cultural holiday traditions
  6. Quick and tasty holiday meal recipes

Workout and Fitness Ideas

fitness blog ideas

As tough as it is to workout it’s even more challenging during the holidays.

Give your audience some motivation to stay focused and make it happen.

  1. My new workout playlist(how to create)
  2. Working out with your doggy this winter
  3. Winter workout outfits
  4. Running and workout tips for the cold season
  5. Starting a workout routine this winter(how to)
  6. Working out after the winter flu

In conclusion

blog post ideas

Maybe you found some ideas for blog topics, or you were inspired to come up with some of your own.

I hope these blog topic ideas for 2020 gave you something to think about.

Merry Christmas to you, and Happy New Year!

Now over to you

So I’m really curious?

Is this your first holiday as a blogger? What are some more unique blog ideas you have for your holiday content planning?

Leave a comment below-would love to hear from you!

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Blog Post Ideas for Your Holiday Content Planning

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