How To Setup A WordPress Blog


I decided to write how to setup a WordPress blog and keep it simple for beginners to get their blogs up and running. Using this post you will be able to get the basics when it comes to starting a website/blog.

If you prefer I will leave a link to our fully detailed ecourse. This is a completely FREE go at your own pace 7 day email course that will help you create your very own stunning website.

You will have your site up and running in no time! Welcome aboard and lets blog about it!

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Building websites off and on over the last 5 years, I have come to love the challenge of coming up with a new design and seeing that finished product.

What exactly is a blog?

When it comes to blogs, what’s really kool is the fact that not only can you share your knowledge with the world but you can also make money blogging.

Yes, that’s correct. There are bloggers out there who blog and make money.

I don’t know an actual statistic on how many people blog part time or full time but I have met a bunch.

You can begin your blogging journey part time learn some basics and even get on track to start making money with your blog as a beginner.

As I said earlier I’ve been making websites for some years. I started making sites for small businesses to give them an online presence.

How to Setup A WordPress Blog


In the last year or so I’ve been teaching people how to setup a WordPress blog and it’s something I really enjoy.

The ability to create content and share your knowledge with other is fulfilling.

I like creating content that my audience finds value in and that helps them with questions or just advice on topics they would be interested in.

One of the more important lessons I’ve learned in blogging to be successful, (have a large audience) you have to be able to create content that is engaging, insightful, and accurate while delivering the best answers to readers questions and concerns.

How to Setup A Blog in 2020

how to setup a wordpress blog

How to setup a WordPress blog for beginners! If you’re new to blogging and have no idea where to start: fear not!

I’m not a highly skilled ninja tech person but I have built websites and blogs for friends and family. Today I’m going to show you an easy guide to starting your blog.

STEP 1. Pick Your Blog Topic

The most important thing is to find your niche (aka: the topic you want to talk about on your blog). 

You can have a general blog that has different topics, but getting specific or choosing a niche will allow you to create a blog that shows more authority when your write content on a specific topic.

Keeping your content useful and meaningful to readers is key to having a successful blog. Blogging has evolved and readers will come to your site to discover information.

Talking about what you’re weekend dinner plans are or the outfit you just bought may be better suited on social media like Instagram or Twitter.

The best blogs are the ones with topics that readers can relate to, get a solution to a problem, or benefit from with a free course or downloadable books.

STEP 2. Choose a Blog Name

Your domain name (blog name) is your identity to the world. You want to choose a name that represents who you are and what your blog is about.

I always say to pick a blog name that’s easy to remember and catchy. Stay away from mis spellings like www.nuushooz.com.

If someone tells you to look that up, you may type your search as www.newshoes.com which is traditional spelling.

You can always use your name especially if it’s less than 15 characters and simple looking

Try to incorporate your niche topic within the name. Short and sweet is key. 

After doing research and coming up with your blog niche identify keywords in your niche that you will be writing content around.

Organizing keywords you will identify a “main keyword” and a “secondary keyword”. You will also have other related keywords that you discover for your articles.


Once you identify your main keyword incorporate it into your blog/domain name.

I chose my blog name for this site Blogtips.uk, it’s in the blogging niche. I write on topics related to how to setup a WordPress blog.

Topics can vary but I tend to talk about Starting A Blog, Getting Traffic to Your Blog, and Making Money Online with Your Blog.

STEP 3. Blog Hosting and Domain Name


Your domain name is your (.com) so you will want to secure your blog name as your domain. 

When you purchase your hosting, most companies will include your domain name free for the first year.

I highly recommend having a self-hosted blog with WordPress because you will OWN your content. The site will be yours and owned by you. 

When you use free service providers like Wix or Squarespace, you’re limited in what you can do with your blog- plus they can claim your content.

If you plan on monetizing you will need to own your content.

I use two different hosting companies. SiteGround and HostGator. My first website I built five years ago was setup with SiteGround.

Not understanding much about building websites I went to HostGator to build a second website.

I was very naive and really didn’t know that you could get one hosting plan and build multiple websites from that one plan.

You do not need different hosting companies, one will do. If you make a personal decision to have multiple hosting plans that’s up to you.

Your hosting account will be one of the most important parts to your website/blog running smoothly. Go ahead and start your hosting with SiteGround just below.

Why Use SiteGround for Hosting

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Why SiteGround Is Best For Hosting

In five years I have not had any issues. My website is constantly up and running and loads at lightning fast speeds. 

When you start a WordPress blog with SiteGround your getting the best of hosting and website template building.

With SiteGround you will be able to install WordPress for FREE. 

You don’t need to have coding knowledge or website set-up knowledge to start a WordPress blog with SiteGround.

With WordPress and SiteGround you will be able to use a “Theme” which is basically a template to design your blog.

Signing up for hosting with Siteground is quick and easy. 

STEP 4. Signing Up For Hosting

Hosting plans usually come with monthly discounts when you pay them annually. Decide if your ok with a monthly payment or going for the annual discount.

I have always paid my hosting on a month to month basis. This works for me, other bloggers will say you should pay a year in advance or two years in advance to get the hosting plan discounts.

My suggestion to you here again is to figure out what your comfortable with.

Your website will have expenses, not many but keep in mind you want to create your website and be aware of any expenses you may have down the road.

One other piece of advice. You can use the startup plan this gives you the ability to get your blog started.

Get your blog started with SiteGround hosting Here

If you decide later to set up multiple websites then you would need to upgrade to the growbig plan which gives you an unlimited number of websites to build.


Get your domain name

Your domain is your identity to the online world. It can tell the internet who you are and what your all about. Think about the name you choose.

Keep it simple meaning stay away from varied spellings ie: www.foodthingz.com for www.foodthings.com. Also look for a .com extension which is still more popular for websites.

When it comes to registering your domain name there are two options.

1. Purchase your domain separate from your hosting company.

2. Purchase your domain with your hosting company.

Funny story or not? When I started creating websites I was told that I should by my domain seperate then find hosting and transfer my domain to the hosting company.

This is what I was taught, and to this day-my method is to buy my domain name from a company called NameCheap.

NameCheap is a domain registration company. They offer other services and are reliable when it comes to registering a domain.

When I’m ready to build a website I will transfer the domain to SiteGround and begin setting up the site.

If you are brand new to creating websites purchasing your domain separate is perfectly fine.

You will need to go over to NameCheap and grab your domain name first then register it with SiteGround when you are purchasing hosting.

Get your domain from NameCheap here

How to setup a WordPress blog

Create your hosting account

This account is basically where your files and information are stored. Essentially this is a large computer or server that connects to the internet and delivers the content to users that you create.

How to setup a WordPress blog

Install WordPress 

You will have a WordPress dashboard after installing the software that allows for all your customizing and design ideas.

You will be able to add pages to your site, create blog post, and create a really great site for your audience.

How to setup a WordPress blog

Add your domain

Here you are selecting your domain that you just registered when creating your account.

Blog image

Set a password

Make sure to set a strong password. If you use a simple password this section will give you the option to select use a weak keyword.

Blog image

Set your permalinks structure

Permalinks are what you see in the address bar of a web browser. We are changing the structure to a simple looking format. Instead of your site reading https://yoursite.com/@&#$25

it will read:


From your WordPress dashboard go to settings in the left side panel then select permalinks.

On the permalinks settings page make sure to choose Post name structure and save changes


Choose your theme

Here is where you start to create your online identity aka: your branding!

There are tons of places to find FREE and PREMIUM WordPress themes to make your blog look beautiful. 

Having a beautiful, organized, and branded website keeps your readers coming back for more.

Choose a theme that’s clean, easy-to-read, and is customizable for you to change your logo, colors, and other fun things. 

I recommend using sites like BluChic to find some of the most stunning feminine WordPress themes to make your blog look professional! 

BluChic offers premium feminine themes. You can always start with a free theme, however at some point you may consider investing in a premium theme as you will have more customization and control over how your blog looks.

My favorite BluChic theme would be ISABELLE have a look at the demo

How to start a blog

Here is a shortlist of FREE themes that work for bloggers

Astra fully customizable and free WordPress blog theme


From your WordPress dashboard go to appearance in the left panel then choose themes.

You can search WordPress for themes both free and paid from your dashboard.

Simply install a theme that you like then activate it


You may find a theme on different websites by simply searching WordPress themes on Google.

If you find a theme online you will need to download the file

When you download a WordPress theme, it’ll download as a ZIP folder. DO NOT EXTRACT this folder! 

  • Login to your WordPress Dashboard
  • Go to Appearance > Themes
  • Near the top of the page, click on “Add New Theme” 
  • Select the ZIP folder file and upload it to your dashboard
  • Your new theme will appear under the “Themes” section
  • Preview your theme or click “Activate” to make it active
  • Go to Appearance > Customize to customize theme colors and more



You’ve just learned how to setup a WordPress blog. Now there some other steps to customizing the look and feel of your blog.

You will want to take time and go through the theme catalog to see other possible choices.

You will also need to create pages, add images, install some plugins, and set up a menu to point to each section of your blog.

At this point you can kick back and start looking at the design of your blog, you’ve done all the setup in less than an hour

Before launching your blog there may be a few things you’ll want to go over, but when your ready to go live with your blog, while in your WordPress dashboard you will notice the coming soon phrase at the top of your dashboard. Once you click that your live!

STEP 6. Write Useful and Meaningful Content

As stated earlier, writing useful and meaningful content on your blog is key for a successful blog. 

There’s much debate on how many articles you should have written before you “launch” your blog…I have seen bloggers say you need 25-50 articles, I’ve seen some say 10-25.

There is no right or wrong answer as to how much content you should have ready for your launch. Set up your blog and start writing!

Just my recommendation, but shoot for five articles when your blog goes live, then set a goal to post 1 to 2 new articles per week.


A good User experience is a major part of running a website. I believe in setting a good first impression.

If you have one or two articles ready when you launch your blog and a visitor lands on your site. They may not bookmark your site to come back because it didn’t seem to offer much.

Having a site with a bit more content your visitor may see something they like and decide to place your site on their favorites list and comeback in the future.

That’s just my thoughts! Remember there is no set in stone perfect way to launch but I would lean towards having at least five or so blog posts.

STEP 7. Utilize Pinterest to Get Blog Traffic

Many bloggers drive traffic to their site using Pinterest. It’s important to utilize this search engine to get your blog posts seen. 

Pinterest is extremely important for bloggers because it’s a visual search engine and not social media. It’s where you can create pins that have links to your blog posts.

When someone uses Google to search information they enter a term or phrase related to the search and Google gives them the best results.

That’s how Pinterest works so your pins that are optimized for Pinterest search can be found.

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Having a self-hosted WordPress blog gives you lots of options. One major option is that you can start making money RIGHT AWAY!

Monetizing your blog is simple and it’s never too early to start making money with your blog. 

If you’re writing meaningful and useful content for your readers, you can even start looking online for opportunities to do sponsored posts as a way to create income.

Display ads with Google Adsense or Infolinks can also make you some money with your blog. 

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Get your Blog Google Adsense Approved

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Two of my favorite affiliate programs to start with

ShareASale-This is an affiliate network with products to fit any niche. Once approved you will be able to browse through different products from major companies and find products to fit your niche.

Get started with ShareASale

Ultimate Bundles-This is a company that offers the best when it comes to planning, organizing, and being productive.

They offer “bundles” which are packed with all the tools you need to learn, grow, and become successful.

You will be able to become an affiliate and offer the many product bundles they have.

Get started with Ultimate Bundles



While blogging you will learn a tremendous amount about online marketing. Growing your website traffic, and developing your own digital products.

Remember to write content for your audience. Become a resource your audience can depend on.

Be the answer to questions, the solution to there problems, and enjoy your journey.

I hope this post was helpful to you. If you have questions about how to setup A WORDPRESS BLOG please send us an email.

getblogtips@gmail.com-We love to hear from our readers.

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