9 Best Free Blogging Sites In 2023 (Start A Blog For Free)


Best Free Blogging Sites to Start A Blog

Hey blog fam! Are you wondering where to find the best free blogging sites to create a blog in 2023?

Creating a blog and communicating with your audience can be a great outlet.

If you love to write, and you want to share your writing with family and friends, or actually start a blog and communicate to a world wide audience this is the post for you.

FYI: The saying “you get what you pay for” applies in the world of blogging.

When it comes to blogging there are many many free popular blog sites.

You may however find some limitations on what your able to do with your content even on some of the top blog sites.

If your end goal would be to use online blogging to share your thoughts, then using one of the simple free blog sites to start a simple blog could work for you.

If you are looking for the best place to start a blog and make money then you will need to go with a paid blogging site (self-hosted plan).

Understanding this in the beginning of your blog journey will save you time and effort when starting your own blog.

When it comes to starting a self-hosted blog and using the best tools to monetize.

Our recommendation for beginners would be HostGator.

I started with HostGator 5 years ago and created my first blog in 1 day.

Is Blogging Free

If there are free blogging site options available, why would I pay for a blog host?

With the free blogging sites you may find limitations on being able to monetize.

Some of the issues you may face would be:

  • Limited custom/premium themes
  • Limited space (making it hard to grow)
  • Less options to add functionality
  • Limited choice of Ad Networks to monetize
  • Little ability to manipulate code

Jump straight to the 9 Best Free Blogging Sites list

best free blogging sites

What is A Blogging Platform

This would be a system that allows you to create content, write articles, and even do product reviews.

These are all commonly known as “blog posts”

You can get free blog advertising by promoting your articles on social networks, an email campaign, or on your website.

Best Blogging Platform to Make Money

When looking at the top free blogging platforms. One blogging platform may not be the all in all answer for every aspiring blogger.

There is something unique you will find from each of the sites on this best free blogging platform list.

I was fortunate in the beginning of my blogging journey to be introduced to self-hosted websites.

This way of creating a website worked out perfectly for me.

This post will help you sort through different blogging websites and learn how to start a blog for free.

best free blogging sites

How to Choose A Blogging Platform

Wondering where should I host my blog? Going with the right blogging platform is important.

This post covers the best blog platforms to start a blog, but we have some things to consider before jumping in.

When comparing the best sites to start a blog- your blogging platform shouldn’t require much knowledge of coding skills, or have a steep learning curve.

You will want to use an easy free blog platform to create your blog with as little difficulty as possible.

When you start your blog you will end up with more ideas and even be interested in making changes at some point.

The ability to build your own blog will have you inspired and full of awesome design ideas.

Your blogging platform should make it easy for you to use their blog software to add functionality and make future changes to satisfy your audience.

You may even decide after your first website that it’s time to create a new blog.

Best Platform for Blogging

This list of the best free blogging sites is for bloggers of all skill level, and will answer the question-What is the best platform to create a blog?

With some of the popular blog sites on this list you can create a completely free website. You will also find the best free blogging sites to make money.

If you are totally new to the idea of blogging you can find blog builders to aid in building out your first website on these free blogging platforms.

There are many resources to use for your blog website builder- such as Divi, or Beaver Builder.

Free Blogging Tools

A great website builder for blogs would be Elementor. In my opinion Elementor is the best website builder for blogs.

This is a page builder, or free blog tool that allows you to create web pages.

Elementor is not difficult to understand, and over time you will learn how to make beautiful web pages.

There is a premium (paid) version with all the bells and whistles. You will also find the version for a free blog builder.

Blog Hosts

There are many blog hosts, and all popular bloggers have their favorite web host to recommend.

One of my favorites happens to be HostGator.com

Regardless of which blog platform you decide to use to learn how to set up a blog, this list will be filled with 9 of the best blog platforms to launch your blog in 2023.

You will also find the best blogging sites to make money!

On these blog websites there are things like templates, themes, and free blogging tools that can be used to get your blog setup, and design the perfect look for your site.

These are the most popular personal blog sites, and they make it easy to learn how to create a blog.

With many things to consider choosing a blogging site will ultimately be up to you My-reader.

Free Blog Services

Your goals and expectations will mostly determine that.

At first blog set up could take time. It will require some dedication but you could learn how to create a simple blog

how to start a professional blog, a food blog, or even start creating travel blogging sites.

Is one of your goals to build a largely recognized website? Learning how to make your blog popular will be attainable.

If you are just starting out popularity may not happen overnight, but put the work in and give it time. You can do it!

affiliate disclosure

Most Popular Blogging Platforms

To create a free blog one of the best blogging platforms will be WordPress.org- WordPress would also be the best blogging platform to make money.

While I have designed websites with different blog platforms, looking at this list of websites to start a blog my favorite is WordPress.org

1. WordPress.org

best free blogging sites

WordPress is one of the largest companies when it comes to powering websites.

It’s a good site for blogging, and regardless of skill level you will find many blog options.

When I was first introduced to blogging one of my first questions was- what is the best blog site for beginners?

I quickly learned that WordPress.org would be one of the best blogging platforms to start with as they are known as one of the best blog sites.

If you have little experience you will find that they have the best software for blogging that will help you make your own blog.

Their software also offers more robust features for experienced website developers.

In my opinion for those of you looking to start your blog with commercial intent then WordPress is the best platform to start a blog.

If you want to be taken seriously and have the opportunity to generate income from your blog, WordPress is without a doubt the best blogging platform to monetize.

WordPress Blogging Platform

Approximately 34% of sites on the web are WordPress blog sites. This number makes them the most popular blogging platform.

Major brands, and small businesses trust WordPress as their provider making them one of the most popular blogging platforms, and the best website to start a blog.

WordPress.org is a free blogging platform but you will either build your website yourself or hire someone to build it.

Most people build there own site! In my opinion this is the best way to blog.

To make a blog you would also need to provide your own hosting.

This will allow you to use the free blogging software from WordPress.

To be able to set up WordPress.org I recommend HostGator for your web hosting. They would be one of the best blog hosting sites for bloggers.

They have a variety of plans that offer huge discounts as low as $2.75/month for 36 month’s if paid in advance.

When you provide your own hosting for the WordPress software you get the full control over how your site will look, and the best place to start a blog.

You can add in different functionality and come up with a fully customized website.

You have access to the WordPress dashboard with all their blog software for free. This gives you a full hands-on approach with setup, and building a blog.

Search through the free blog software, and find the best free blog templates to create a blog, and the best blog software that is always up to date.

You can quickly learn your way around the WordPress dashboard and even how to create a blog post.

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For many users WordPress.org has been the best blogging platform to monetize a website.

WordPress Blogging

Here’s a look at the WordPress post section.

best free blogging sites

The WordPress world is made up of two distinct WordPress blogging platforms.

The WordPress.org side we spoke about earlier, and WordPress.com

These two are different platforms. WordPress.com free blog sites is easy to get started with.

WordPress.com blogging requires a monthly paid plan and each plan has different levels of service.

There is a WordPress free blog option that will let you create a domain name with the WordPress.com extension. Basically you will have a subdomain.

If your desired domain name is “fun foods” then your complete web address may look like this:

www. funfoods. wordpress.com

You will be guided through a series of questions and led to a page with premade templates to choose your design, and create your blog.

For some bloggers having the ability to monetize a website is attractive.

With the WordPress.com platform you will be limited with monetization.

If one of your goals for your website is to be able to monetize at some point, you will want to go with HostGator and WordPress.org site as mentioned above.

2. Wix.com


Wix.com blogging is a good platform for both beginners as well as advanced users.

To learn how to start a blog on Wix, just go to the Wix blog sign up page, start your account and start building!

No coding knowledge needed Wix uses a front-end drag-and-drop interface which makes them a good site for blogging. Wix is one of the best online writing platforms.

You can start your website with Wix, and try Wix for blogging using their free blog hosting and choose your template (site design).

Choosing a template puts you in the driver seat (so to speak) because you are now able to create a blog with Wix and start designing your site.

You could also try the Wix ADI and after a brief questionnaire have a site built for you.

I’m more of a DIY type and would go with the option to build my own site.

Here’s a quick look at a Wix free blog theme

best free blogging sites

Where Can I Share my Blog For Free

If you love to write, or maybe you are in school a good blog for students would be Medium. This is a platform that is free and easy to get started with.

3. Medium.com


Medium is a simple blog platform, and one of the best platforms for writers. Just head over to the medium blog login, sign up for an account and start writing.

Learning where to publish your blog, and how to publish a blog post on the medium blogging platform is pretty straight forward.

  1. Create your title
  2. Write your post
  3. Tap the publish button within your dashboard

Is Medium Good for Blogging

One of the good things about Medium is that your content can be seen by a larger audience. Medium is one of the best sites to post blogs for exposure.

If you are wondering where to post blogs for free?

Medium is sort of a minimalist blog platform and getting your content out to the world can happen pretty easily with Medium.

Medium is not a blog in the traditional sense. It’s more of a social media platform to share blog content from another source.

Your content remains on the Medium blog platform which means your not building on your own blogging site.

There are similar sites like medium if you are looking to gain more exposure to you content.

Blog sharing websites like Mix.com, and Reddit.com are other blog posting sites you can add you content on.

A platform like medium can be a good writing platform online to promote your writing.

Medium is one of the largest blog sharing websites. When sharing your blog posts on Medium.com it’s recommended to have your own website with all the content you’ve created.

Each time you publish one of your posts make sure to link back to your blog to add exposure to your website.

Here’s a look at Medium’s blog page

best free blogging sites

4. Weebly.com


Here’s Weebly. The Weebly free blog is a free website builder like Wix that uses a similar drag-and-drop interface.

Here’s how to create a Weebly blog:

Signing up with Weebly free blog sites you have the choice between a simple blog or a business website that sells products.

You can build a website to sale products, or display a collection of photography.

Weebly offers a customized domain that you pay for and analytics to track your website performance.

You can choose from a number of different elements to delightfully design your site.

Add social media icons, a newsletter subscription box, and forms to collect emails.

Weebly is definitely one of the best free website builders for blogs

5. Instagram.com (Best Blogging Apps)

While there are many social blogging sites, Instagram is known as a microblog platform, and is one of the biggest social blogging sites.

For many people Instagram has proven to be a good site for blogging.

If you are in to photo blogging you can upload photos or videos from a smartphone and write a blog post describing the image and post it!

You are limited to about 2,200 characters so make sure to load you post with all the important deets'(details).

With over a billion users Instagram is one of the largest social media sites.

How do You Get Started on The Instagram Free Blog Platform?

Most people get started right from their smart phone.

  1. Download the Instagram app.
  2. Use a telephone number or email address
  3. Your name and a password to sign up.

If you are logged into your Facebook account you can easily sign up with your Facebook credentials.

FYI: You can also use your personal computer to get signed up.

One of our clients uses Instagram as a way to share their 1980’s music collection. Here’s a quick look at a post

instagram post image

Instagram is the best blogging app, and done right can be a good platform to promote your content.

People with lots of visual content can find success here. Photographers, recipe bloggers, chefs, make-up artists, and hair stylist are just a few.

Instagram would also be one of the best blog sites for students, as it is a free app based platform.

Instagram is huge as a mobile app but recently released a desktop version that allows you to post content.

If you find that your audience uses mobile this may be a great blogging platform for you.

6. Tumblr.com


Tumblr is a free blogging platform that is more connected to social media type content.

With the earlier mentioned platforms being more for publishing content.

Tumblr is a free personal blog, or personal space to share ideas, so it may not be ideal for business. I would say Tumblr is one of the better personal blog sites.

Using Tumblr’s free blog app you can follow other blogs and when they add content you will see their content in your dashboard.

This is completely free blogging as you are able to write and share your content.

If you have affiliate links you can create content and promote them on Tumblr, and also use display ads.

It’s easy to get started with Tumblr-just sign up and create your first post!

Here’s a look at Tumblr

best free blogging sites

7. Jimdo.com

Jimdo is another free blogging site. This set up is pretty simple to use.

You first sign up with Jimdo and select the type of website your building.

After choosing the type of website you can choose from the free version or a paid version of their plans.

Choosing the free version you can then select a look from preset templates or start creating your blog from a blank slate.

I must mention here you will need to purchase a custom domain or use a free blog domain ending with jimdo.com domain.

The Jimdo interface is basically a page builder. All elements of your website are designed via the front-end.

So adding images, and writing your text is done with the page builder.

You can even add social icons, headings, and buttons on your page.

Here’s a look at a Jimdo.com template

best free blogging sites

8. Joomla.com

Joomla is like WordPress.org in the sense that you need hosting and a domain to use the free software. Joomla is one of the best blogging platforms for beginners.

You can build simple to complex websites using the provided templates.

The Joomla editor has a Microsoft Word feel. The interface allows you to edit your posts, change font size, and color.

When comparing Joomla to WordPress to build your site you may find more tools if you use WordPress.org and discover that it would be the best site to start a blog and make money.

Where Can I Start A Blog For Free

While there are different websites you can start a blog for free.

One of the more popular free blog sites to make a blog would be Blogger.com

Checkout how to create a blogger website.

9. Blogger.com


If starting a blog with no money is your goal then Blogger is another free blogging website. Blogger is one of the best websites for beginners.

It’s also one of the easiest blog sites to learn how to make a free blog. With some practice the blog interface will be easy to learn.

If you have an interest in creating an online diary, a my thoughts blog, or just a personal blog.

The blogger site is a good blog platform. It’s a simple blogging platform that you can learn quickly.

Is Blogger Completely Free

To learn how to create a blog for free on Google it’s easy.

Blogger set up is simple. In order to get a free blogger website just create an account over at Blogger, using your Gmail. It’s totally free to start.

You will then be able to access this free blog platform.

Create a name for your website, choose your theme, and start writing your posts.

Blogger is pretty much the cheapest way to start a blog.

If you use any type of word document you will find the blogger software familiar. It will enable you to build your own blog for free.

Does Blogger Own My Content

The content you produce is your content. You own your content, and if someone steals it you can go after them legally.

Instead of you paying for storage your content is stored on Blogger.com servers.

This means Google owns where your content is stored and they have certain terms of service that can change at anytime they decide.

Can You Make Money With A Free Blog

Blogger is one of the best free blogging sites to make money. You get the option to monetize your blogger site with AdSense ads.

You can place ads on your blog page or any other page on your website.

It would take a large amount of traffic to make money so with that-some bloggers look at other ad networks to monetize.

What is BlogSpot

BlogSpot by Google is also known as Blogger. While it can be used free It is more limited than WordPress.

There is a smaller number of templates, or widgets instead of the nearly endless WordPress templates and plugins.

In conclusion of The 9 Best Free Blogging Sites In 2023

Hopefully my best blog sites post gave you some ideas for how to start your own blog in 2023.

Whichever blogging platform you decide is best for you (free blogging or paid hosting) we wish you much success on your blogging journey.

While your building your new website you want to make sure to blog legally! What is blogging legally?

This is making sure to protect your new website with accurate legal pages.

Make sure to use disclaimer pages, disclosure pages, and pages that clearly spell out terms of use.

Click the below image and watch the video to get an idea of what blogging legally is all about.

website legal templates

The site is https://aselfguru.com, It’s ran by Amira who is a business lawyer, and blogger.

Her templates have helped thousands of bloggers protect their websites legally.

If you have questions about how to build a blog reach out to us by email- getblogtips@gmail.com

Now over to you

Ready to learn how to start your blog today? Check out my free articles to use

best free Blogging Sites

Best Free Blogging Sites to Start A Blog

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