10 Best Techniques To Promote A Website


Hey blogger did you just start your first blog and are now wondering how to promote a website?

Although there maybe several website promotion ideas you could use to advertise websites, these 10 ways to promote your website are what we use to drive tons of free organic traffic.

Everything looks great, nice images, some awesome posts, and it’s all good.

Well as great of a website/blog that you have remember you need to get eyeballs on your pages!

Since your brand new nobody knows you exist?

How do you promote a new website?

When I started my first website I was so involved with getting the site built, I hadn’t put forth any thought on how people will ever find the site.

I honestly didn’t think that part through and figured people will just show up.

Let me say as naïve as that may sound as a new blogger I really had no clue.

I learned quickly that if I wanted to grow my online presence, I would need to come up with some solid website promotion ideas.

How can I advertise my business to millions? I have learned that when it comes to promoting the website you will spend 80% of your time promoting and 20% building, writing, and all that technical stuff.

How To Promote A Website

This post is for anyone wondering how to promote your website. There are many ways to promote a new website.

You can certainly get tons of traffic.

Yes! free organic traffic that is interested in your topic and potentially looking for what you offer.

When you have a website to promote you can get real creative and build a huge audience.

Quick PSA! If you happen to be reading this article and you do not have a website, or maybe you recently started a website and you would like some input.

You can enroll in our FREE go at your own pace course and learn to build your very own stunning website!

What Is Website Traffic

From Wikipedia, Web traffic is the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a website.

This is determined by the number of visitors and the number of pages they visit.

What is Good Website Traffic

Good website traffic is targeted traffic. You can have 1,000 visitors who have little to no interest in your content.

They will land on your site and leave just as quick as they showed up.

100 targeted visitors who are interested in your content, will subscribe to your email lists, come back to your site for more of your content, and even share your content with there followers.

The most effective website traffic not only has a prior interest in your service or product but is already searching for a similar solution and is ready to spend.

Why Is Website Traffic Important

Website traffic is important because the number of visitors equals the number of opportunities you have to add new customers and create your online community.

If you are an online business or just looking to build your presence online, creating a large audience should be one of your main priorities.

So lets get to it!

How Can I Promote My Website For Free

The best and most lucrative traffic will come from search engines. Google, Bing, Yahoo.

With website promotion on Google you will find web surfers looking for specific information, and if your website has content that will totally satisfy their search request, you can receive traffic.

You will need to learn all you can on how to promote a website on Google and prepare your site for Google and let the search engines know exactly what your site is all about.

It’s time to solidify your website SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is usually a long term strategy as it will take time to establish credibility as a newer website.

How do we tell Google about our website?

Promote My Website For Free On Google

If you want to promote your website for free try Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

As explained on Wikipedia Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of growing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine.

SEO refers to the improvement of unpaid results (known as “natural” or “organic” results) and excludes direct traffic and the purchase of paid placement.

Promote Your Website With SEO


Your SEO strategy will need to include research on various phrases (keywords) that people are searching in regards to your niche.

To solidify your website SEO, finding these “keywords” and writing content that satisfies the readers search query is a huge part of your strategy.

Using the keywords you research in various places in your articles will tell Google what your post is all about.

It’s important to note that when adding keywords to your blog post you should include them in your blog title, your headings (H1-H2), and in the body of the article.

You can also include them in your alt text on images, the URL, and meta description.

When you use an effective SEO strategy you could potentially see great traffic that converts and turns website visitors in to fans.

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How To Promote A New Website On Social Media

promote a new website on social media

Social media will be another great way to promote your website. With social media you can see traffic in a relatively short time frame.

Depending on where you promote and how effective you are, you can see traffic from people who are interested in your sites content.

You will have visitors interested in learning from you as well as being a consumer of your services.

As an example I blog about blogging. How to start your blog, Grow your blog traffic, and how to make money with your blog.

When I do research for an article I want to create, I come across other bloggers who are well established and even experts at what they do.

When I come across a really good site I use it as a resource that I can come to for education and even point others to by linking to their site.

I have purchased website tools, and discovered great information by promoting my blog on social media, and I receive organic traffic too.

A bloggers favorite would be Pinterest as it is a great platform that you can use to find your audience and build up your traffic.

You can also promote on Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram.

I would recommend using one platform at a time and getting really good at with promoting.

How To Promote A Website On Facebook

promote a website on facebook

One of the ways to promote your website on Facebook would be to join niche Facebook groups.

These groups would cater to your topic and be a great resource for learning more about your topic.

Discovering different techniques from more experienced bloggers.

If you are wondering how to increase blog traffic for free?

These groups would also have promotion days where you can promote your content in accordance with the group rules and grab engagements from others in the group and potentially others in there social circles.

Promote A Website On LinkedIn

Another great place to promote a website free would be LinkedIn.

Even though LinkedIn is a hub for professionals looking for jobs.

There are many people using this platform to publish content. Mastering promoting your website on LinkedIn could mean a boost to your website traffic.

Advertising Websites

advertising websites

You can also have website paid traffic. If you are looking at paid advertising you should focus your investment on conversions.

Paying for traffic that doesn’t use good keywords may not be effective.

Speaking of keywords you may find it very competitive for certain terms.

Big websites pay lot’s of money when it comes to advertising so this may not be the best route to go for a newer website.

Just consider your goals before each advertising campaign.

Quality Content To Promote Your Website

Promoting your website with quality content.

There are a number of technical aspects that go along with writing- that Google uses to index your site.

The number one thing would be to write content for your readers. More content=more traffic.

Content that readers discover that solves a particular problem is content that gets traffic.

With good content readers will share your articles, link to your website, and spread on their social channels.

This opens up a whole new channel of promoting that is free and targeted.

I always share articles that are well written and solve a problem.

This is essentially building up the blogging community and positions your site as a recognized and helpful resource.

Linking To Fellow Bloggers To Promote Your Website

Backlinks are a powerful way to promote your website and send signals to Google that your content is relevant.

Guest blogging is a great way to pick up credible links.

As an example you could reach out to different bloggers in your niche.

let them know your writing an article on the “25 top tips for productivity”

You can ask various bloggers if they would be interested in providing a tip and let them know it will be featured in your article.

Once you publish the article the individual bloggers who have featured tips may decide to link to that article.

The idea behind this would be that you have high quality websites linking to your site.

This tells Google that your site is trustworthy and relevant for a particular topic.

While there are different ways of getting backlinks.

I would suggest that quality over quantity is best, and you want to acquire them naturally.

Don’t purchase links!

Use A Free Resource

Free is always a good thing!

You could create a free “PDF-how to” or even an email course that teaches something.

By adding value and uniqueness to your free resource you will find that it would be shared by many.

It’s like going to a movie that may not have had lots of promoting and the movie turns out to be really good.

You would probably tell people that are close to you about the movie and even hype them up about going to see it.

Good old fashion word of-mouth advertising.

You can do a survey on your favorite social media channel to find out what your audience would be interested in learning about.

Once you get a popular topic create your PDF or email course that gives clear detailed steps on the topic.

Promote Your Website With Comments and Sharing

Commenting and sharing is a great way to promote a website indirectly.

If you join a Facebook group in your niche you will see comments from various people looking for advice or help.

When you have expertise in a particular area and you come across questions you could share your knowledge with the group.

This process works well because you can establish yourself as an expert on a topic and people will come to your website to find more information.

Take note of the rules that Facebook groups have and make sure to share valuable information that helps your fellow group members.

Distinctive Branding To Promote Your Website

promote a website

One of the things that my favorite websites have in common is their branding.

On Pinterest when I’m looking for trending topics, what grabs my attention is pins from bloggers I’m familiar with.

When I see a pin that’s branded I usually click through just to see what the blogger has to say about the topic.

This is important because you want to create awareness of your business and build a recognizable brand.

Click-Worthy Headlines

Becoming great at writing headlines is huge for bloggers.

Great headlines often get shared by visitors increasing your organic traffic.

The urge to click must be there when someone scans your content.

You may do all things well and not have a great click-worthy headline.

Without this you may end up with less eyeballs actually viewing your content.

In Conclusion

I hope these tips were helpful and gave you some food for thought.

Getting traffic to a new website could take time. Be patient and work your strategy consistently.

As I close out I will put another plug in for Pinterest. While you are working on your SEO strategy you can build your Pinterest profile and start seeing traffic.

If you want to learn more about Pinterest I will link to a couple of articles that will help.

You can learn getting started and getting your content found. Checkout my Pinterest profile here!

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Now over to you

I’m curious? What are some of your best methods to promote a website? Do you use any paid advertising?

Leave a comment below-this is a great topic and I would love to get your input!

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