Best Tips to Get Your New Blog Noticed


Hey blog fam! Are you doing the day to day grind to get your new blog noticed?

Do you wonder how some bloggers reach the level of traffic success that we read about in various blog posts?

In today’s post I’m sharing some traffic generating tips that have made a huge difference for my blog.

The focus today is on social sites, which can be great for spreading your content on the web.

I have also written a full piece on over a dozen ways to grow blog traffic. You can grab a link to that article here.

Check the article out and let me know what you think!

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How to Get Your New Blog Noticed

promote your blog

A blog for some is like an online journal or diary. In that case you may not spend much time trying to promote your content.

If you are using your blog to reach people and share your content then you want to treat your blog like any other business.

To create awareness to anything you need to have solid promotion strategies in place.

If you plan to start small bible study group in your home, a new little league baseball camp, a business in your community, an outreach group, or even get in to politics all these ventures will need promoting.

Massive promoting is the key.

This example is in no way glorifying or advocating drugs in any way, but when we think of cocaine most people are familiar with it.

Why? It has lots of awareness through being promoted on local billboards, local and national television, and even world network new channels.

Most of the promotion (news) is negative but promoting is promoting.

You can promote just about anything and get huge awareness to it if you have solid strategies in place!

How Can I get free traffic to My Blog

There are a variety of ways to get free traffic to your blog. As you increase the amount of traffic over time you will develop a deep appreciation for this source.

Who doesn’t love free traffic? I’m sure we all do-so let’s talk about. Free organic traffic!

What is Organic Traffic?

This traffic is great because it usually comes from a web surfer doing a search on Google or Bing etc.

Your content is SEO optimized and has been indexed in SERP’s. The web surfer find’s your content and clicks through to your blog.

You can get organic traffic from SERP’s as I indicated and also from social sharing sites.

Organic Traffic From Social Sites

Now back to blogging!

This post will focus on social media as a way of promoting. More specifically Facebook.

Want to gain more free traffic to your website/blog? Join a Facebook group that does daily or weekly promotion threads.

Facebook groups for organic traffic

FB groups that are focused on helping it’s community offer resources that you can tap into.

The opportunity to ask questions in the group and receive advice from pro bloggers is invaluable.

You can simply pose a question to the group and end up with so many different perspectives on that topic.

I think this is so helpful because you are getting responses from people who have been where you are and went through a similar situation you may be in.

Facebook Groups to Drive Traffic to Your blog

Facebook is widely known for being a great place to promote products. People and businesses use paid advertising as way to promote thier offering or brand.

With FB groups there is no need to spend money on ads. This is awesome because you can literally create free organic traffic to your blog by participating in FB groups.

When joining a FB group the admin will advise you of rules that each group member must follow.

Rules are in place to ensure a safe community, and a place to grow your business.

Pay attention to the rules at all times. Participate in the group. When you see questions are discussions jump in and give your opinion.

Everyone comes to the the group with different backgrounds and skill sets. This is another great benefit of being a part of FB groups.

There is so much knowledge in these groups coming from real people.

How Do We Actually Get Traffic Using Facebook Groups

Join groups that offer daily sharing threads

Follow Threads 

Follow threads are useful because you gain new followers and find new bloggers to connect with.

These threads are open to any social media channel you want engagements on and will help with your promotion efforts.

I am a big fan of Pinterest and offer a personal word of caution. Be careful to not follow multiple profiles back to back as this may look spammy and cause your account to be flagged.

There so many changes with Pinterest lately you want to do what you can to protect your account.

Pinterest Repin Threads

Another common sharing thread is the Pinterest pin threads. These are daily threads that allow you to post a recent Pinterest pin.

Each group member will need to either repin a set number of pins from the group to relevant boards, or click thru the pin to the blog post.

These are great ways to get engagements on your pins.

The groups that are well managed ensure that you get good exposure requiring each member to click through a specific number.

One of the best FB groups I’ve found for making sure all participant’s get great engagements is the Pinfinite Traffic for Bloggers group.

Blog Post Threads or Pin From Posts Threads

With the blog post share threads you have an opportunity to share your latest post with the group.

You can also share an older post that you would like to give a boost to.

The groups are typically diverse and you find all types of content. You reciprocate back by finding other posts in the thread and engaging with them.

You can comment, like, or share to your favorite social site.

These are great opportunities to get exposure to your content and depending on the group schedule will be daily or weekly.

Blog Commenting Threads to Get your New Blog Noticed

Blog commenting threads are another way to participate in FB groups.

These threads have pro’s and con’s in my opinion. The pro is always more exposure to your content.

For that reason I say go for it! The negative side to these are they can become pretty time consuming.

So I’m in several daily threads, I allocate time in my day to reciprocate and make sure I’m doing my part in the groups.

When I get to the commenting threads these slow me down as they require an actual comment on the post.

If you are using these threads you can be the judge of how much time you spend to get through all your reciprocating.

As a plug for comment threads, this is another great way to drive traffic to your blog.

When you leave thoughtful legit comments other bloggers or readers will see them which can create a conversation.

When commenting there will be an option to leave your website address which again is great for more potential free traffic.

Collaboration Threads

There are ways to connect with other bloggers in your niche with collab threads. I’ve been a part of some collaborations and they’ve been beneficial.

Awesome Facebook Groups for New Bloggers to Join

Below is a quick list of some of MY FAVORITE FB groups to participate in.

Remember when it comes to blogging we need to establish ourselves as credible sources for whatever your particular niche is.

Blogging is truly a “you get what you give ” type situation.

What I mean by that is having the heart and commitment to help others, you will in some way get a return of help during your blog journey.

Joining a FB group and sharing your knowledge with the group is highly recommended.

Each of these groups bring a great mix of bloggers both new and expert.

There are lots of opportunities to grow your knowledge as a blogger and also grow your blog traffic.


With all of the regular blogging tasks we have daily, I would suggest using a schedule to do your reciprocating.

I have found myself sharing in different groups and overlooking a group because I was busy doing other things.

Set a plan and keep track of your groups to ensure your participating and receiving all the benefits of FB groups

Now over to you

I’m curious? How has Facebook groups helped to get your new blog noticed? Join the conversation- leave comments below. We love to hear from our readers!

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  1. Thanks for the tips Hailey! Keeping up with Facebook group threads can be a bit overwhelming, but if you stick to a few quality ones it will definitely help your blog exposure.

  2. Thanks for all the helpful tips! I get a big portion of my website traffic through Facebook and Facebook group.

  3. This was an amazing post. I’m new to blogging myself, so it was super helpful to me. I’ve got to get on Pinterest, soon!

  4. These are some really great tips, thanks for sharing! Am already following a few of these strategies, but not nearly enough so thanks for the motivation 🙂

  5. Thank you for this much-needed read! I really want to boost my blog traffic, def trying these ideas!

  6. Thanks so much for the mention of the Blogging Well with Pinterest Facebook group. Very nice if you! Yes, Facebook groups are a fabulous way to boost traffic and engagement. Thanks for the encouraging words.

    1. Yes I do appreciate your group so much. Thank you for all the hard work you put in daily maintaining the different opportunities

  7. Great tips, I’m doing almost all of these(though some I’m doing better than others). I love the list of groups to check out. I’m not in all of them – I’m going to head over to join now!

  8. Really helpful post!
    I had not considered some of these things, or heard about some of these groups!
    Thanks for the great post and insightful information!

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