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Are you thinking about becoming a blogger? Not sure where to start? In this post we learn why SiteGround is your best option for web hosting.

If you have done a Google search on how to start a website/blog you have no doubt come across the term “website hosting”. What is hosting?

In a simple answer hosting is where your website files will live. When you create your website you will be using nice images, videos, and text.

All of the files and data for your website are stored on a server. This server is accessed everytime someone types your website URL into a browser.

The files that make up your website are then displayed to a website viewer. The server is the basically your hosting.

The hosting plan you choose is particularly important because not all hosting plans are created equally.

There are features that are built into a hosting plan that you want to be aware of and understand how they will impact or enhance your websites performance.

We get a chance to look into those features in this post.

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Why SiteGround Is Your Best Option for Web Hosting

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I have been building websites for five years and I have heard of many different web hosting companies.

As a blogger you will probably here of three main companies that are widely used. Bluehost, HostGator, and SiteGround.

I have built websites with all three of these companies and personally have not had any major issues with them, however in my opinion I recommend SiteGround as the #1 pick out of these three.

This post is not written as a comparison of these companies. I have covered a review of each in another post.

This post will focus on SiteGround as my recommendation for bloggers getting started or even bloggers with websites that are already up and running.

Why SiteGround for Your Hosting

  • Website Uptime
  • Easy Startup
  • Customer Service
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Competitive Pricing

Website Uptime

This measurement tells us the amount of time your website is viewable by the public. A website can be down for different reasons.

Some of them you will have no control over. There can be issues where the servers storing your website files can be overloaded because of the demand from traffic is high.

A server can be scheduled for upgrades so there will be some down time incurred to properly update the servers.

Whatever the reason for downtime you want to have a company with a proven high percentage uptime count.

SiteGround ranks near the top of all web hosting companies for both uptime (99.99%) and speed (673ms)

The thing about downtime is that it can happen at any moment. With a reliable web host such as SiteGround your website will have an incredibly high percentage of uptime.

Easy Startup

This is perhaps my favorite reason to be with SiteGround Web Hosting!

If you are currently with another web host and wondering would a move to SiteGround be possible? Or if you want to know what would the benefit be for a move and how much will it cost?

With SiteGround you can switch from your existing host for free. SiteGround support is great (which I will talk about in a moment) and they have two easy options to migrate your domain from an existing web host.

They offer a DIY method that utilizes a WordPress Plugin. In just a couple of clicks you can effortlessly transfer your domain from host to host.

With there process there is NO downtime or interruption to your website. They also offer a professional service for website owners who may not want to do a site migration on there own.

This service is a premium (paid) service. For SiteGround to do your transfer it will be $30 USD.

This price is not exorbitant and for the peace of mind knowing your website move is being handled by professionals, this is a worth while investment for those that go this route.

I will leave it right there!

Customer Service

How a company supports a product they sale is really huge with me.

If I have a crappy experience with support I quickly become disinterested in that company and find somewhere else to take my money.

Even if I would be paying more money for a similar product. Customer service is the main factor for me when it comes to a product or service.

I don’t do chat, or forums where I have to search for an answer to a question. I need someone to pick up the phone and explain to me how to do XYZ or whatever.

SiteGround passes this test with an A+. I transferred one of my sites over to SiteGround and started with the free plugin route.

I made call after call with questions about every step of the process. On each call I received the highest level of service.

You have values and what is important to you about a product or service I’m sure. In the case of SiteGround Support you won’t be let down.

Competitive Pricing is Another Reason Why SiteGround Is Your Best Option For Web Hosting

Price is only an issue in the absence of value!

When I compare hosting plans price is a part of the equation but not what I base my decision on.

You can purchase hosting at a discount here! If you purchase a yearly subscription you unlock their discounts.

If you pay on a month to month basis you will be paying for their service at a standard rate.

This is my preference when it comes to hosting, I don’t pay in advance for 2 or 3 years. I pay my plan on a month to month basis.

I understand there could be a savings if I pay for 2 years upfront compared to paying month to month.

My preference will be different when it comes to billing- (that I will not get into in this post.)

You can sign up for the SiteGround StartUp plan this is a shared hosting plan and if paid annually it is $6.99/mo if you pay this plan month to month it will be $14.99/mo.

This is a great plan for anyone new to building websites. You have SiteGrounds basic benefits and will be able to run one website.

The GrowBig plan offers the basic benefits plus additional speed options to improve website performance. It also allows an unlimited number of websites a user can build.

If you are building websites for your customers or just want to have more than one website for yourself this is a great plan.

You can unlock the discounted rate of $9.99/mo by paying annually, or you can pay this plan on a month to month basis at $24.99/mo.


My reader- when it comes to your payment options you will need to determine what works best for you.

In conclusion

If you are still on the fence about your web host then get over it! No pun intended…I simply mean make a decision and get pass this detail in your blogging journey.

You will make investments in your blog (not to many, and not super expensive) in the beginning.

The investment in a good web host will be one you want to strongly consider.

Get your new blog started with SiteGround or you can transfer your existing website and start enjoying all the great benefits at SiteGround!

Get started with SiteGround Here

why siteground is your best option for web hosting

Now over to you

I’m curious? As a blogger what web host are you using? Did you make a switch? or is this the only company you have used? Leave a comment below, it would be great for our readers.

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