Have You Started Using Google Analytics On Your Website?


Are you a new blogger-looking to increase traffic to your website? Do you know how to install Google analytics on WordPress without plugin?

Do you know the #1 tool experienced bloggers use to increase traffic to their blog?

Bunch of questions!

If the answer is no then I’m glad your here. In this post we look at a bloggers best friend- Google Analytics!

Once upon a time I worked as a salesperson for a large world wide financial firm.

The team that I was associated with was very aggressive and very successful, breaking sales records on a regular basis.

The sales directors were good at alot of things (motivation, training, and incentivising) but there was one thing that I believe helped the most with our success-which was a daily phrase we used.

“Where You At”-this was a phrase that we used not to find out a physical location, but to find out what are daily sales numbers were.

Multiple times per day that question would be asked. If you were competitive you would make sure to have some results to report.

This single phrase created a culture of productive workers and helped build many successful careers. I beleive in the philosphy of knowing where you at?

In blogger terms how’s your daily traffic?

Why You Should Use Google Analytics

The most important part of growing your website traffic is knowing how much traffic your actually getting.

Start tracking your numbers and learning about the visitors who land on your site. Learn what blog posts attract repeat visitors, and what content people find the most value in.

The more you know about how people find your website the more you can do to increase your numbers.

There is a wealth of data found in your Google Analytics that you should be using to leverage your reach on the web.

Practical Tips After You Install Google Analytics on WordPress Without Plugin

As a blogger, I blog about blogging-of all things right?

My writing is specific in that space focusing on starting your blog, growing your blog, and making money with your blog.

When I go through my Google Analytics data I can see what content has the most engagements, demographics, and even what people find more value in.

With this type of data it’s easy to identify content that may not be as popular and find ways to improve on that content. You will also have access to traffic sources.

If you promote your blog through social media you can identify the platforms that generate the most traffic.

This is super useful because you can identify successful social media campaigns and repeat them for more success.

There is a tremedous amount of good you will discover by using Google Analytics. These are just a few examples of how analytics can be a great tool in your arsenal.

If you have a website,and want to grow your online presence, you will need to know “where you at” at all times. When it comes to the numbers there are different tools that track analytics.

I would stick with Google data as it would be most accurate and give you all the specifics you need.

It’s also FREE! Almost forgot to mention that. We love free!!

How to Set Up Google Analytics

install google analytics

This process will be straight forward and simple to do. There are two ways to add Google Analytics to your WordPress website.

  • 1. Manually with a small snipet of code
  • 2. Using a plugin

Go to https://analytics.google.com

You will be prompted to log in to your Google account.

Login, and click on admin located on the bottom left of your screen.

install google analytics on wordpress without plugin

On the next screen, click on create a new account.

install google analytics on wordpress without plugin

On the next screen follow prompts, and fill out all of the information:

  • Your account name, your
  • website name
  • website URL
  • Choose industry category and time zone.
install google analytics on wordpress without plugin
install google analytics on wordpress without plugin
install google analytics on wordpress without plugin

All the other boxes should be checked. Make sure that at the top of the page, the website option is highlighted. Review your information and, click on the blue button that says “create”

A Terms of Services pop-up should open up. Click “I Accept”.

On the next page, you should see the tracking ID as well as the code to be added to your site.

install google analytics on wordpress without plugin

Now add this code to your website.

Method 1: How to Add the Google Analytics Script to header.php File

Even though this method is straight forward, only go this route if you are comfortable with adding code.

I recommend this method because it eliminates the need for another plugin.

Remember your website has resources and the more resources needed the potential for your site to slow down when someone visits.

Plugins are useful but you want to keep the number of plugins used down to a minimum.

Make sure you do a backup of your website then proceed to your WordPress dashboard so we can locate your header.php file.

For most themes, you can locate this header file here: Dashboard > Appearance > theme editor, and then choose the header.php file from the list of files on the right.

install google analytics on wordpress without plugin

Your code will need to be added in the <head> section which you will see in the theme header.

There is a start to the <head> section and the end of the <head> section.

Paste your code on the line right above the ending line in the<head> section. You will see <body> right under the head section, this lets you know you are at the bottom of the section.

install google analytics on wordpress without plugin

Grab your code from your Google Analytics setup (copy and paste) then go into the <head> section and paste it there. Click on save and thats it all done!

Method 2: Install Google Analytics on WordPress With A Plugin

If you are not comfortable with the above process no worries, there’s a plugin for that!

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The plugin I use is Site Kit by Google

Go to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New, then search Site Kit. Choose the right plugin from the search results, then install and activate the plugin.


Here you will complete the 3 steps to set up your account. You will be brought to this page in your WordPress dashboard. You can connect analytics here with a few clicks.


Create your analytics account using your gmail.


After creating your analytics account start configuring your profile by selecting your website.


Congrats you have just completed your analytics setup!

Now it’s your turn

I’m curious? what’s you preferred method for using Google Analytics? Questions about how to install google analytics on WordPress without plugin?

Leave a comment below, would be great to hear from you.

If you are thinking about starting your own website you can enroll in our FREE! go at your own pace course, and we will help you create your very own stunning website.

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