15 Kick-Ass Google Adsense Alternatives For New Bloggers


As a new blogger-are you struggling to make money with your website? Looking for the best Adsense alternatives for new bloggers?

If you set a goal to build a blog and monetize it and things aren’t going as planned, Don’t fret!

I have started websites that I was super excited about, launched and waited? Checking my analytics reports (everyday because I obsess) to see no success in terms of money generated.

My reader- I feel your frustration and know the feeling of putting in the work, publishing posts, promoting, and feeling like your efforts were for not.

If your new to blogging or considering giving it a try, know this, you can make money with your website, however starting a website specifically to make money you may have some priorities that need to be rearranged.

With the huge number of websites in existence (and that number is growing by the way) to make money with your website you have to understand the basic buyer process.

How to Find The Best Adsense Alternatives For New Bloggers

best adsense alternatives for new bloggers

From my experience most of it being in the “brick and mortar world”. Whatever you’re offering the buyer needs to see value. I learned many years ago that ” price is only an issue in the absence of value”.

Look at this simple example: If you have an opt-in on your site to collect emails why would I want to give you my email? What value did I see or perceive from reading your offer that would compel me to sign up on your list?

Without getting to deep in the psychology of sales this is a simple fundamental you can start with. In blogging terms.

  • What are my readers most concerned with?
  • What problems are they facing?
  • What questions do they have about things in there day to day lives?

If you are able to build your website, find your audience, and offer products or services that answer the previous questions then you can be on the right road to having a profitable blog business.

Getting to the main point. As I said it’s possible to make money with your website.

There are so many examples of people who are making $250 per month or $1,000 per month. This post will list several options when it comes to monetizing.

The idea of making money with a blog was definitely in my top 3 reasons why I started. Come on I’m sure it would be the same for you too?

Best Adsense Alternatives For New Bloggers Side Hustle

My reader, using a blog as a means to earn some extra money part time is a great side hustle.

Starting a blog and a year or two later making a 5 or 6 figure income sounds incredible.

Who wouldn’t want to make more money, work from home or wherever you have a WiFi connection?

If you are reading about the success that other bloggers say they have, it makes it seem very doable.

For some of us we get the wrong idea that it’s so simple, you create a website, and bam you start making money.

But….the truth of the matter is that it takes a bunch of work. There is so much to learn. Depending on your skill set coming in to the game you may move fast or slow.

You get to determine your success and it’s all about learning what your audience is interested in and creating content that will answer their questions, or solve any problems they may have.

There will be several skills you will need to get good at but I believe that your ability to know your audience and write content that helps them, is the skill you want to always focus on.

Why Monetize a Blog Without Adsense

The idea behind monetizing your blog is to choose affiliate networks in your niche so you can maximize your earnings!

On this website we focus on three things.

  1. How to start a website/blog
  2. How to increase traffic to your blog
  3. How to make money with your blog.

If I tried selling you some lip gloss it most likely wouldn’t sell or even make any sense.

The products or services suggested on this website would need to align with our mission statement.

FYI- if you dont have a mission statement come up with one.

In the meantime whatever type of website you are creating I recommend finding Affiliate Products that go with your brand.

In this post How to Monetize a Blog Without Adsense I list products that I use to monetize my blog, they reflect the type of blog style I use.

Adsense Alternatives for Newer Websites

Am I suggesting that its bad to use adsense?

No certainly not!

What I am suggesting is for a brand new website even up to a six or seven month old site, with traffic (pageviews) under 10,000 per month. Adsense may not be the most lucrative way to make money.

Before we get in to my list, I’ll throw this out there, that when I first started to blog, I was so excited, that I didn’t care about my niche, nor did I care about what affiliate networks I joined.

I would literally apply for any networks that would except me. I won’t say the name of the affiliate but I even signed up to offer waist trainers and they accepted me.

The trick was figuring out where would I fit that into my mission statement. Didn’t happen!

Getting that approval I was super excited because all I could see was putting my affiliate link all over my blog and waiting for the clicks to start rolling in.

Being very naive I quickly started to learn about aligning my blog with product’s I can personally recommend from experience.

That’s a very important factor in your blogs success. I believe that’s a part of knowing your audience and creating content they will benefit from.

You may find it’s exhausting having a million affiliate networks, my best advice is K.I.S.S-keep it simple sister, find a few favorites and sign up with products you would use on your blog.

Why am I telling you all of this?

If you are excited about blogging and getting started like me you’ll be all over the place. You should join the affiliate networks that work for you.

Please, take my advice.

Wait, one more thing

While writing How to Monetize a Blog Without Adsense, I went through my affiliates to carefully select the products I have listed. I have used these products, and had great experiences with them.

In a couple instances where I had small issues or just needed someone to explain something, these products come with great support.

For me support goes a long way. When your offering a great product the support you give has to be on point.

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Use these Affiliates To Monetize your Blog

One of my favorite affiliate products to own and sell is an E-book called GET PAID TO PIN. If your interested in creating a passive income online this is the perfect book to grab.

Because of my personal interests in passive income it only made sense for me to buy the book and add it to my products to sale.

Blogginherway.com is a blog that is in my niche. Dale The owner of the blog teaches how to grow your blog traffic and how to make money on Pinterest. Her book GET PAID TO PIN is a great product to own and also a great affiliate product to sell.

Get Paid To Pin Here

Amazon.com – I mean who doesn’t use Amazon? Basically, if you have a blog, you may as well sign up for Amazon’s Affiliate Program. They offer pretty much every product known to mankind. So why not?

Using Amazon’s affiliate program you can make money without Adsense. You will need to drive traffic to your blog so that you increase your potential sales.

SHAREASALE – (Any Niche) – What’s good about ShareASale is you apply with them get approved, then you can start applying for different merchants that fit your niche.

There are so many merchants to choose from, it will be easy to monetize your blog without Adsense. Just go thru the ShareASale merchant list find products to fit your niche and apply

Get Started With ShareASale Here

STUDIOPRESS THEMES– which is on the SHAREASALE NETWORK  (blogging and graphic designer niche) One of their best themes in my opinion is the GLAM PRO THEME

This theme is stunning and visually works for keeping visitors on your site. It is a premium theme but well worth the investment. STUDIOPRESS THEMES offers premium themes at different price points so you’ll surely find a theme that you would like.

With STUDIOPRESS You are offering WordPress website themes that will help people design stunning looking websites.

Adsense Alternatives

My number one choice for website hosting will be SiteGround– (Blogging Niche).

They provide web hosting at an affordable rate with a high value product. If you don’t use SiteGround for your website or you are thinking of starting your website?

Get started with SiteGround! You can build your website and become an affiliate.

Get Started With SiteGround Here

HOSTGATOR– (Blogging Niche) –I Started with HostGator years ago and still have a website on there server, and In the 5 years I’ve been with them no major issues.

They have superior 24 hr support that I have definitely taken advantage of and any little issue I run into has been resolved. It’s truly amazing to be able to refer HostGator

You can become an affiliate with HostGator and begin offering there hosting plans to readers.

With SiteGround they offer higher speed options for your website as well as slightly higher priced plans than HostGator. For some the SiteGround option is the way to go.

If you are looking for a more economical way to start a website HostGator is the way to go.

Get HostGator Here

ULTIMATE BUNDLES – This is definitely one of my favorite affiliate programs to offer. If you’ve never heard of them go to the website now ULTIMATE BUNDLES.

For productivity, planning, and wellness they package different resources into a bundle and sale it for a huge discount. So your getting all the best resources all in one bundle.

Get Started With Ultimate Bundles Here

INFOLINKS – is another adsense alternative. It uses placement strategies to put adds on your site. They can be in your content or even a sidebar on your blog.

More Best Adsense Alternatives For New Bloggers

There are other ad networks out there to choose from, however they will require a min amount of page views to your blog.

Mediavine is a premium ad network that requires 50,000 monthly sessions according to your google analytics.

Part of your blog has to do with its look. Using to many affiliate postings will clutter your site. I recommend only using a few, so look for affiliate products with a high payout.

Affiliate Networks options here are a few more you can look into.

  • CJ Affiliate
  • AWIN
  • Rakuten Marketing
  • ClickBank
  • Max Bounty
  • Market Health
  • Ebay Partner Network

Your blog and it’s content will be a reflection of who you are, some of your values, and even passions you may have.

Can Bloggers Make Money Without Adsense

Monetizing your blog is an incredible way to earn income. Tons of blogs are using affiliate networks to monetize.

From the major blogs all the way to blogs just starting up.

Remember along your blogging journey you will be faced with much to learn. Running a successful blog takes time to and a commitment to getting better with your craft.


As I stated earlier in this post with everything we must learn to do when it comes to running a successful blog, we must make sure to know our audience and write content that helps them, and provide the answers to the questions they may have.

As a blogger this is the number one skill we must always focus on!

Remember to apply with networks in your niche or products you would personally use.

Don’t over apply and be paralyzed with a bunch of affiliate products.

Now over to you

Have you started monetizing your blog? What are some affiliate networks you recommend?

For the sake of the community leave a comment below.

If you have been thinking about starting a website/blog you can enroll in our FREE go at your own pace course.

You will be guided through daily instructions that will get your blog idea to blog launch!

Questions about the best Adsense alternatives for new bloggers send us an email. getblogtips@gmail.com We love to hear from our readers!

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