8 Tips on Crushing Your Pinterest Goals Even With The Latest 2020 Algorithm Update!


Coming off the heels of recent Pinterest best practices for 2020 updates there have been some perplexing results when it comes to my pins.

I have also seen fellow content creators who are experiencing different results from, low impression numbers, low clicks and saves, and even monthly viewer numbers dropping.

I have made some changes to my pinning strategy and for the last two weeks I have had mixed results.

Some pins get little traction, some pins get decent results, while overall reach has steadily increased. I have even had several pins rank at the top of search in the first position.

So what are we to make of these changes? How do we as content creators push forward with confidence that we can continue to create pins that will see traction and lead to the bottom line, which for some is increased website traffic.

pinterest best practices 2020

Pinterest Best Practices For 2020 Steps to Take

Number one don’t panic!

I must admit I obsess over numbers and one week I had a new pin climb to 500 or so impressions.

Actually I guess it didn’t climb it hobbled (ha-ha).

This pin then over the next two days went backwards to less than 100 impressions and I thought WTF!

By the sixth day this pin jumped to over 5,000 impressions and 100 clicks and since then it has continued to grow.

After all that i decided to play it kool and let Pinterest do what they do and i Will do what I do. Create fresh pins. Which is the next thing on my recommendations list.

Create Fresh Pins

I wont spend much time talking about how to get started on Pinterest in this post.

I am going to assume as a reader you are already on the platform and looking for ways to improve your pinning strategy.

If you are new to Pinterest you can check out my Pinterest guide for beginners here. This will guide you on how to use Pinterest 2020.

Pinterest has come out and stated they are favoring fresh pins. For quite sometime they have been making this known.

If Pinterest is a social platform you are serious about using, then you will want to invest more time in creating fresh Pins, so that your content get the most exposure.

Remember as a search engine they need to have fresh new content for users. As content creators we have to give Pinterest what they want.

Focus your strategy on creating 3-5 fresh pins per blog post. This gives you the ability to capture attention.

Take note of which pins seem to be gaining traction and create more similar for other posts.


If you search Pinterest for the best pinning strategy you will obviously see tons of results.

Every single post you read will probably have “the flavor of the month strategy” Its perfectly fine to learn from others and even adopt methods you find useful.

But the fact is you will need to get focused and be consistent with your own strategy that works for you. Totally changing your plans every time you read a new blog post may do more harm than good.

Here’s where you will need to do some experimenting to see what works for you. What I will leave you with on this topic is stay active.

Pinterest favors fresh new content and they also prefer content creators who are active on there platform.


Get focused on your relevant boards. Every new pin you release into the Pinterest world make sure to put pin them to the most relevant board first.

Let that pin get some traction so that Pinterest knows what that pin is all about. I have boards that are similar- meaning I can pin a new pin to 2 boards.

I feel that doing that may hurt a new pin because one board can be more general and this doesn’t help Pinterest really understand what the pin is about. Be ultra clear and specific with your pins.

Additional Ways to Grow After Pinterest Best Practices for 2020

Tailwind Tribes and Group Boards

OK so I’m gonna give my opinion here based on my results. I think Tailwind Tribes and group boards are great for your pins exposure.

However when you send your new pin out to a relevant board you may want to give some time before uploading it to tribes and group boards.

Why you ask? Pinterest is focusing on fresh pins more than ever. As a content creator we need to have our focus there also.

If you send a pin to a relevant board on day 1- great! Day 2 you send that same pin to tribes or a group board for more exposure.

You don’t know where your pin will end up-meaning the tribes user could save your pin to a general board or a mixed board they own.

This could potentially hurt a new pin. Am I saying don’t use tribes? Not at all, I’m simply saying allow your fresh pins to get recognized by Pinterest and gain some traction.

Using tribes and group boards are still effective and should be part of your overall strategy.

Pinterest Marketing Practices Discovery

Whats been really interesting to me is that i haven’t used tribes or group boards for a number of my pins.

They have only gone to relevant niche boards and they are still gaining traction. A couple of them are even ranking in Pinterest search.

I was watching a video from a Pinterest user/content creator on how to get your pins noticed.

As she is doing her example she logs in to her Pinterest profile and goes to the search bar to enter a search term for her example, and “BOOM” one of my pins is showing up on her feed.

This particular pin was ONLY manually pinned to one niche board. I did not pin to any group boards or tribes and it has seen pretty good traction.

With your strategy I say this, find something that is working and do what you do. Imma do what I do based on my situation.

Wrapping Things Up

  • Lets give Pinterest what they ask for “fresh pins”
  • Create 3-5 pins per blog post
  • Manually pin to most relevant niche boards
  • Follow best practice guidelines-use time intervals
  • Be a consistent and active content creator
  • Know where your at-monitor your results
  • Join Tailwind and get access to Tribes for added pin exposure
  • Stay focused and Keep it movin!

Now over to you

I’m really curious, with the Pinterest best practices for 2020 updates, how have your Pinterest results been.

What kind of changes have you made to your pinning strategy? Leave comments below, it would be awesome to get more tips and learn new strategies.

If your are new to Pinterest and have questions about getting started-Check out my post on getting started with Pinterest here.

You can also send an email to getblogtips@gmail.com, We love to hear from our readers.

22 Responses

  1. Such great advice! I especially was interested in how we should not rush out to pin to group boards before our own boards pin has gained traction.

  2. I had been wondering about taking 1 or 3 of each of my post pins and trying to pin them manually instead of tailwinds and see if that works better. You inspired me to do this and see how the results go. Thanks for sharing all this info – Danielle

  3. This is an awesome post – been a little discouraged and very confused in seeing my monthly viewers drop drastically… this gave me some hope to keep going at it!

    1. Bit of hope Karen I’m seeing daily increases across the board and I’m hopeful this keeps up..manually pinning fresh content is good..turn your account around and increase

    1. Thanks for reading Leslie..yes try and focus on relevant niche boards..I’m still experimenting but I think I’m finding some ideas that are working..will be updating this post soon

  4. Thanks so much for this. It was really helpful. With all the changes on Pinterest now, getting traffic as a new blogger is difficult. I Will try your tips, thanks.

  5. Pinterest is a great source for driving traffic to a blog. But ever since pinterest has changed its algorithm, it’s getting harder to drive traffic.

    I still remembered when pinterest kicked my ass in june 2020. My pinterest monthly reach went down from 1.7 million to 25K. It was so devastating.

    Pinterest is changing how they used to deliver content to users. So now it’s time to focus on fresh and unique content ideas to draw people’s attention.

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