Best Practices 2020 for Pinterest-Grow Your Account and Keep it Safe


Pinterest Best Practices 2020

Hey blog fam I will be doing my mid year report on Pinterest.

I’ll talk about Pinterest best practices 2020, recent Pinterest updates, what strategies are working, what’s not working, and how you can navigate Pinterest to continually drive traffic to your website/blog.

2020 has come and is moving at a super fast pace. So much has happended and is happening in our world.

It has truely been the most unique time i’ve ever witnessed.

Not going in to world politics, social injustices, or virus updates, however speaking of updates,

There have been so many reports of weird analytics reporting with Pinterest stats.

I’ve seen pins go from 5k impressions 100 clicks to 80 impressions and 7 clicks all within a 24 hour period.

There are reports of huge drops in profile reach, and even a higher number of account suspensions.

All this has come with the most recent Pinterest algorithm updates.

Lets take a quick look at what Pinterest has stated regarding the platform.

Pinterest Tips 2020

Pinterest is increasingly prioritizing fresh content for distribution as today’s Pinners respond most strongly to fresh content.

Pinterest’s algorithm favors content that’s relevant and timely, so creating more fresh Pins means more exposure for you to your followers, in users’ home feeds, and in search results — helping you to maximize your reach and traffic potential on Pinterest. 

Pinners come to our platform to find new ideas and as we continue to update our service, we’ll prioritize new original content published by creators over Saves.” 

When we read this statement it’s vey clear what we as content creators should be focused on.

If Pinterest is prioritizing new original content over everything then no matter what your pinning strategy is, how many pins you create per blog post, or even if your keeping Tailwind or ditching them, the main focus is still new original content.

To be honest this isn’t a bombshell or anything really new as Pinterest has always looked for the newest, freshest, and best content to make available to users searching.

I think what is different (besides all the wacky analytics mix ups and account suspensions) Is the mind set we need in giving Pinterest what they want.

To constantly have new original content we have to get more creative. Find ways to push out content based on what Pinterest says is acceptable.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you.

What Are Fresh Pins

The method to the madness with Pinterest these days is centered around pinning fresh pins.

This doesn’t necessarily mean brand new blog posts daily but create as much new content as you can to be able to come up with new pins, and stay active on the platform.

Pinterest prefers new content over repining-You may feel a demand to keep up with producing new content so find ways to work smarter not harder.

Fresh Pins are defined by Pinterest as images or videos that haven’t been seen before. You can create several images for a single blog post or for a product in your online shop.

When you save each image for the first time on Pinterest, each of these will be considered as fresh.

You can create new original content by publishing different images or videos that lead to a new blog URL or even an old blog URL. 

Don’t have a website or blog yet? No worries-you can enroll in our FREE go at your own pace course that will walk you step by step and help you create your very own stunning website!

SEO Optimize Your Pinterest Account

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Just like Google in order to be found in SERP’s you have to optimize your posts and a few other steps.

This is the foundation for any content creator on Pinterest. If you have hopes of Pinterest finding you or your great content you MUST optimize your entire profile.

This sometimes may be over looked as many seem to be asking “why aren’t my pins showing up in the Pinterest Smart Feed”

To optimize your profile you need to find keywords in your niche or topic and use the keywords in a non robotic way that reads well to humans and clearly tells Pinterest what your profile is all about.

Below are the specific area’s of your profile that need to be optimized.

  • Your Bio 
  • Pinterest board names 
  • Pinterest board description’s
  • Pin title’s 
  • Pin description’s 

New Original Content 

“Pinterest encourages creators to publish new, original content on a regular basis as the best way to build an audience on Pinterest.” 

With the above statement some of us have to change how we’ve been pinning on the platform.

Pinterest loves active and consistent pinners. Your strategy should include a number of new pins daily.

It’s not totally frowned against if you are repinning others content, but make sure to have new pins going out daily for maximum exposure to your account.

Here comes the challenge! How do we put out new pins every day? If you work a full time job, have kids to take care of, or even if you don’t have a lot of responsibilities right now.

Who wants to spend there days making pins? My suggestion experiment with your strategy figure out how many new pins you can create weekly and divide them by each day.

Use pin templates to spend less time creating pins and just get it done. My strategy for the last 45 days has been 1-2 new pins that I manually pin daily to a single board.

I still use Tailwind and set my schedule to repin from tribes 4-6 times per day. Lastly when I come across pins as I’m browsing I repin them as well.

Grab your first month FREE with Tailwind here

So in total my daily activity is 7-10 pins per day. As I said you should start experimenting to see what brings results to your account.

It can be a bunch of work, but thats where time management comes in to play. 

So- lets get it!

Maximize Distribution by Creating New Pins

This new algorithm change can cause us to work harder or work smarter! 

When I started using pin templates it became so much easier.

Now I can be more effective by spending less time on creating because I have a large gallery of templates to choose from.

Change some text, add an image, and some color wallah there you have it.

Easy Peasy! 

You can find pin templates if you do a search on Pinterest. Find something you like and start using them.

I use a free Canva account and I have purchased really nice looking, and well converting templates.

Pinterest Best Practices 2020 Strategy To Grow Your Blog Traffic

I have been using a pinning strategy that I adopted after going back to Carly Campbells Pinteresting Strategies!

I first took Carly’s course back in october of 2019 it helped me to begin understanding how Pinterest works and gave me a good foundation for pinning.

However I did not see much success with my strategy back in 2019.

After having one Pinterest account suspended and a second account gain impressions and monthly viewers but not many clicks back to my website I decided to scrap everything and start over fresh. 

I believe in continuing education and would go back to Pinteresting Strategies once or twice per month for review.

This helped me to learn bits and pieces to the puzzle. Each time I went in to the course I picked up something different.

There’s an old saying “the teacher will appear when the student is ready” I can apply this saying to my life for sure as I have noticed from previous occupations.

End of March 2020 I launch a new blog and Pinterest profile. The first month I pretty much only repined others content to build up my profile.

What You Get In Pinteresting Strategies

Pinterest has put out its best practices for 2020 and I have come up with a new strategy that yields results based largely on things I learned from Carly’s course.

There is so much value in the course and even with Pinterest 2020 changes, Carly has updated her course to include the most recent updates.

  • How many daily pins to include in your startegy
  • Is repinning dead in 2020
  • How many boards should you have
  • How to determine when to repin your own contnet
  • Adjusting your strategy to stay optimal and MUCH MORE! 

What I love about this course is affordability. If you are deciding where your dollars would be best spent this is one investment you won’t regret.

It also has great videos. I am a visual learner and the time she takes going through her video instruction is super helpful.

If you have the course I suggest jumping back in and finding those golden nuggets.

If you haven’t taken her course grab it below and jump in.

See Pinteresting Strategies here

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To come up with your own pinning strategy stick to the basics. Pinterest is asking for FRESH PINS. That’what we need to give them.

How often and when you pin is important too but the bottom line is new content goes to the front of the line. (so to speak) Set your strategy to be active daily with new content.

For me I’m only doing 1-2 new pins daily. You will read from other bloggers who say do more, and all I have to say about that is do what works for you!

Now over to you

I’m curious? How have you been adjusting to the Pinterest changes? What tips would you suggest that delivers success?

Join the conversation, Leave comments below! We love to hear from our readers

Pinterest Best Practices 2020

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  1. Great suggestions here! I completely agree with you for lots of reasons. I also saw a dip in my views over the past few weeks. Slowly creeping back up as I’ve knocked out re-pinning and spent more of my time creating and posting FRESH pins!

    I kept tailwind but I’m still on the edge of whether or not I should keep it.. still deciding.

    Anyways, thanks so much for this read! Great post!

    1. Yes I’m still deciding..I focus on manual pinning and will give it another 30 days or so with Tailwind. Will see..thanks for stopping by!

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