How To Make Money on Pinterest For Beginners


In this post we take a look at 4 great ways to make money on Pinterest, and how to use Pinterest to promote your brand or business.

There are lots of concerns over whats going on in the world of Pinterest?

What I will say with all the speculation as to why some pinners are seeing slow to no growth with their pins and even declines on overall engagements, there is still light at the end of the tunnel.

Even with all the fuss over whats going on with Pinterest you can still make money with your Pinterest account.

So how can one get started on Pinterest?

In this post I will share with you the 4 great ways to make money on pinterest regardless of whats going on with the platform.

These methods are proven and when used strategically will give you results.

So let’s get to it!

Promote Your Brand on Pinterest

First things first! You will need to have a properly SEO optimized business profile before you can implement these strategies.

Don’t have a Pinterest business account yet?

If you need help with setting up your account or would like to have a bit of guidance see my post here on the ultimate guide to Getting Started With Pinterest Here.

With that detail taken care of, I’m assuming we all have a our business account setup, and maybe we’ve been pinning to our profile, or working on our descriptions and optimizing our profile.

I will admit that there’s a science to seeing success on Pinterest. When you learn the basics you will be able to pretty much manufacture your own success.

The first way to make money on Pinterest on the list is for graphic designers.

Shout out to all my graphic designers peeps out there!

This is one skill I just don’t have- if you are blessed with this talent you can make money on Pinterest.

There are all types of people using Pinterest, some with more time than others.

For those that may have limited time and are in need of ways to be more effective on the platform you can design ready made graphics.

Pin templates!

Design a really nice set of 10, 20, or 30 pins and sell them in bundles.

This is a definite way to make money as there are a ton of people looking for great looking ready made pin templates to step up their pinning game.

I am certainly one of those folks!

You can also make branded pins for clients who will hire you for design services.

Make media kits, and even social media graphics. There’s a variety of services you can provide using Pinterest, just get busy.

Make Money on Pinterest As A Virtual Assistant

Make Money as A Pinterest virtual assistant. This is another way to make money on Pinterest.

If you have had success with building and maintaining your own profile you can promote a service that helps others with managing their accounts.

As a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, you can help build and grow a client’s profile reach on Pinterest. Basically you’ll create pins to share on your client’s Pinterest account and drive traffic to their blog.

People are busy these days and are in need of someone with a track record of success. If this is you go ahead and start promoting your service.

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

The next way to make money on Pinterest is one of my favorites. Affiliate Marketing! Checkout this post on What Is Affiliate Marketing

This way of making money is unique because you don’t even need a website to do this.

Create great click worthy pins include keyword optimized descriptions and include your unique affiliate links.

I will say this about affiliate marketing without a website. You may find limits when you don’t have a website.

Even though Pinterest does allow affiliate links on their platform they have been known to block certain websites, which locks you at as a marketer.

Pinterest would prefer to keep users on the platform and with that you may experience some websites get less priority in the feed.

A good way to use affiliate products is to start your own website and write a review of your affiliate product, create your pins and link them to your website/blog.

Don’t have a website? Create your very own stunning website using our FREE go at your own pace course.

We walk you through the setup and help you make your website Idea into a finished product, ready to make money.

Create Awareness to your Website/Blog With Pinterest

Making money by driving traffic to your website is is a long term game, and a potentially lucrative way to monetize your blog.

Learn the ends and outs of SEO and begin promoting your new website.

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With high quality traffic to your blog from Pinterest you will find its more targeted.

You have a blog niche that you created your Pinterest profile for.

Create pins that people discover because they were searching for your niche. This is targeted traffic.

As an example a website/blog with 50,000 or 100,00 monthly visits can be monetized using ads with premium high paying ad-networks.

This way of making money is passive. You’ve done the work to build your traffic up and now you can experience making money day and night.

Make Money on Pinterest With Your Email List

Last but not least make money with email marketing. Using Pinterest to drive traffic to your website, you will have visitors that become subscribers to your email.

With great opt-ins properly place conspicuously all over your website you can build a substantial email list.

Whats awesome about email list is that your readers will buy from you when they are ready to buy.

What I mean is take time to nurture your email list. Write value packed emails that your readers can receive and get to know you through.

Educate and build relationships and over time you email list will be like gold.

This method of making money is really good especially for those bloggers who sell their own digital products.

Send out an email anouncing the launch of your new product. Get your subscribers excited about your new offering and give an exclusive early bird special.

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In conclusion

Making money on Pinterest is possible. Despite some of the reports you may hear of users not getting much traction on their accounts.

Stay consistent, continue to pin fresh content, and make adjustments to your strategy to grow your profile reach.

Now over to you

I’m curious? What type of results have you been experiencing with your Pinterest profile?

Do you have a preferred pinning method? Are you pinning manually or using a scheduler? Leave comments your comments below.

If you have read this article to this point and don’t have a website, and want to know more about the 4 great ways to make money on Pinterest send us an email we’d love to be in touch with you! getblogtips@gmail.com

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  1. These are some great ways to make money on Pinterest. Affiliate marketing with Pinterest sounds pretty cool.

    1. Well Alexia I would say third times a charm..I had 2 previous attempts on Pinterest that were not very successful..I decided to go back and review what I was doing in comparison to what I learned in paid courses. I adjusted my strategy and like night and day difference, results..I say that to you to keep at it, I have a post on this blog where I detail my strategy that’s been working..

  2. This is awesome. I’ve been having more success getting traffic on Pinterest than to my blog. So, this will be useful!

    1. If you have a specific question leave it here in comments! apply yourself, find free courses on youtube. You can get into facebook groups that help new bloggers.

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